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FNF | The Foreign Policy Act

Master DispatchThe Legislative BranchLegal CodeThe Foreign Policy Act

Name: The Foreign Policy Act
Serial Number: RL-013

Date of Passage: 2021/06/26
Brief Purpose: To establish basic Foreign Affairs duties and the Goodwill Corps.

The Foreign Policy Act


  1. For the purpose of this act, “supermajority” shall be defined as two-thirds of all non-abstaining voting nations.

Section I:

  1. The President, or a Minister designated by the President, may negotiate treaties on behalf of the region.

    1. Treaties may be ratified with approval by a supermajority of the Citizens’ Assembly.

  2. The President, or a Minister designated by the President, may set regional embassy guidelines.

  3. The Goodwill Corps will serve as a body for aiding interregional rehabilitation and shall be led by the President or designated Minister.

    1. An application process will be created to vet regions seeking assistance.

    2. The information and resources shared between the Goodwill Corps and participating regions shall not break any confidentiality agreements within the government.

    3. The Goodwill Corps and participating nations will be prohibited from influencing participating regions’ democratic processes and promoting colonization or annexation by The Free Nations Region.

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