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FNF | The Standardization Act

Master DispatchThe Legislative BranchLegal CodeThe Standardization Act

Name: The Standardization Act
Serial Number: RL-012

Date of Passage: 2021/06/26
Brief Purpose: To establish a set of standards for regional organization.

The Standardization Act


  1. For the purpose of this act, “YYYY” shall represent the year, “MM” shall represent the month, and “DD” shall represent the day.

Section I:

  1. The nation ‘FNR’ shall be designated as the official government nation.

    1. The nation shall contain all important government dispatches and archives.

    2. All government dispatch titles will be preceded by “FNR | ” provided they address matters relating to the Stronghold. All government dispatch titles which address matters relating solely to the Frontier shall be preceded by “Hive | ” to indicate such. All government dispatch titles which address matters relating to the entire Federation may be may be preceded by "FNF | " or "FNR | ".

    3. Additional nations may be created to represent the region in an official capacity or to conduct other specific administrative duties.

  2. The default date format shall be “YYYY/MM/DD”.

    1. Dates may also use an alternative representation format in "DD Month YYYY".

  3. The default time format shall be Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in 24-hour notation. All times will be assumed to follow this format unless otherwise noted.

The Dispatch Office of FNR