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FNF | The Government Employment Act

Master DispatchThe Legislative BranchLegal CodeThe Government Employment Act

Name: The Government Employment Act
Serial Number: RL-008

Date of Passage: 2021/06/26
Brief Purpose: To establish work opportunities within the regional government and recognition for such work.

The Government Employment Act

Section I: Employment

  1. The President reserves the right to hire or remove non-ministerial staff at their own discretion.

  2. Each established ministry during a presidential term hereby reserves the right to hire staff members at their own discretion in accordance with Section II and remove staff members with the agreement of the President.

  3. Each ministry is encouraged to design an awards system for their respective staff.

  4. The Supreme Court reserves the right to hire or remove court staff at its own discretion.

    1. Court staff may not take on the duties of a Justice during a court case or trial.

Section II: Apprenticeship

  1. The Free Nations Region Apprenticeship Program, hereafter known as the Apprenticeship Program, shall be divided into departments by Ministry, with each department corresponding with a specific Ministry.

  2. The corresponding Minister shall supervise the department and teach participants the inner workings of the Ministry.

  3. The Cabinet may establish procedures that allow citizens to join the Apprenticeship Program. Citizens will be considered an apprentice of the respective ministry upon completing these procedures.

  4. Citizens may hold apprenticeship in a maximum of two Ministries at any given time.

  5. Ministers may determine when and whether to graduate apprentices and promote them to Ministry staff.

Section III: Presidential Awards

  1. The President or Vice President may bestow awards upon citizens.

  2. On the final day of a Presidential term, the President may hand out the “Presidential Cross of Outstanding Excellence & Dedication” for exceptional service beyond the call of duty.

    1. The President may give the award to an unlimited number of citizens.

  3. The President and Vice President may not bestow any award upon themselves.

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