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Skartokian History**

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Founding - The Exodus and the Spread of Polatilianism: 650 BCE - 900 CE
Before Skartok was founded, there were a multitude of nomadic tribes that traveled across the expanses that their landmass presented them. Apart from hunting and gathering, there was one city that made the leap from hunting to cultivation. It was on the coast and was known as "Shutikuk." Seeing that there was not a written record for the city, the Polatilian migrants that arrive (See next paragraph) approximated the name in their records, based on sounds in the Polatilian language.

Around 650 BCE, Polatilian migrants from the nation of Gratastok (modern-day Gragastavia) arrive on the shores of Shutikuk after spending about five years at sea. With the Book of Polatilus in hand, thier leader, Huktershumeivek, begins to preach the teachings that the Book contains to the natives and they quickly accept the teachings, tossing out their old faith in acceptance of the new one. Huktershumeivek stays in Shutikuk with many of his pilgrims and the vessel they came in heads back to Gragastavia to bring another load of pilgrims. In the course of thirty years, Shutikuk built up to a thriving port city on the coast and they began to spread, coining the name of the land "Skartok", meaning "Land of Tranquility."

The Middle Ages: 900 CE - 1350 CE
The First Polatilian War

Renaissance, Revolution, and the Enlightenment: 1350 CE - 1750 CE

Second Polatilian War

Industrial Revolution: 1750 CE - 1900 CE

Modern Times: 1900 CE - Present

The Brightmore Regime

Industrialization by Dearest Chancellor Woods

Abdication of Woods/Democracization