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The Neo Steaksian Treaty of Earth 2.0 Against Kommunist Occupation (Neo-STEAKO)

[background-block=#0000ff][center][color=000001][size=400][b][hr]The Neo Steaksian Treaty of Earth 2.0  Against Kommunist Occupation [/b][/size]

[size=150][font=courier]NETO Unity Lasts Forever[/font][/size][hr][/color][/center][/background-block]
[/td][td]  [/td][/tr]
[/td][td]NETO Tower (Steakcago, [nation]The United Steaks[/nation])[/td][/tr]
[/td][td]English, Russian, Germanic, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic
[/td][td]• NETO Member[/td][/tr]
[/td][td]• NETO Council
• General President: NONE
[/td][td]• NETO Council
• NETO Court
[background-block=#0000ff][center][color=000001][size=150][b][hr]Member States[/b][/size]
[size=120][font=courier]Full Titles[/font][/size][hr][/color][/center][/background-block]
[size=120][nation=long]The United Steaks[/nation]
[nation=long]The Soviet Union and the Baltics[/nation]
[nation=long]-New German Empire-[/nation]
[nation=long]The Supreme Britannia Empire[/nation]
[nation=long]Soviet Canada 138[/nation]
[nation=long]United Qitzikwaka[/nation]
[color=green][nation=long]-Icelandic Empire-[/nation]
[nation=long]New Japanese Empire[/nation]
[nation=long]-Austro-Hungarian Empire-[/nation]
[nation=long]Arab Soviet Republic[/nation]
[nation=long]-French Empire-[/nation]
[nation=long]-New Italia-[/nation]
[nation=long]Greco-Ottoman Autocracy[/nation]
[nation=long]Greater Jamaica[/nation]
[nation=long]The Egyptian Nile[/nation]
[nation=long]Greater Hispanola[/nation]
[nation=long]Monarchy of Persia[/nation]
[background-block=#0000ff][center][color=000001][size=150][b][hr]Map of NETO[/b][/size]
[size=120][font=courier]Full Titles[/font][/size][hr][/color][/center][/background-block]
[hr][size=130]The North Earth 2.0 Treaty Organisation (NETO) is an intergovernmental military alliance between 17 Earth 2.0 countries. The organisation implements the North Earth 2.0 Treaty that was signed on 23rd of March 2176.

NETO constitutes a system of collective security, whereby its independent member states agree to mutual defence in response to an attack by any external party. The NETO headquarters are located in Steakcago, The United Steaks, with a second headquarters located in Neo-Leningrad, The Soviet Union and the Baltics.

Since its founding, the admission of new member states has increased the alliance from the original 5 countries to 17. The most recent member state to be added to NETO was United Qitzikwaka The combined military spending of all NETO members constituted a major amount of Earth 2.0 spending. Members agreed that their aim is to reach or maintain the target defence spending of at least 4% of their GDP[/size]
[size=150][b][u]Military Operations[/u][/b][/size]
[size=140][b]Persian Liberation War[/b][/size]
[size=120]In the 2240s the radical organisation known as MANSAB sucsessfully overthrew the Persian government. in doing so they had attacked A NETO nation and NETO took action immediately. The United Steaks informed NETO that a NETO nation had been overthrown and action must be taken. the German general Günter lead the large operation to liberate Persia. NETO nations that were the most important in the conflict were the Arab Soviet Republic, -New German Empire-, The United Steaks, and The Soviet Union and the Baltics. These NETO forces allied themselves with the Yi Empire during the conflict and are working on stabilising the region.