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FNF | Communication Etiquette

Master DispatchCommunication Etiquette

Discord, RMB, and Forum Etiquette
Discord Rules

At any time, you may ping or DM a Moderator for out-of-character assistance.

(1) This server follows PG-13 guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to, the following restrictions:

a. No sexually explicit material, no matter whether it is drawn, animated, written, or captured by camera.

b. No excessive violence.

c. Profanities are allowed, provided they are in good faith and not hurtful or excessive.

(2) Do not spam outside designated channels.

(3) Keep excessive bot usage and memes in their designated channels.

(4) Do not abuse mentions or pings.

(5) No bigotry in usernames, nicknames, avatars, text channels, voice channels, or embed content.

(6) No glorification of any ideology that advocates supremacy of one group over another or the destruction of a particular group (e.g. Anti-Semitism or Homophobia).

(7) Do not deliberately provoke or troll others.

(8) Do not repeatedly join or leave the server.

(9) Do not use multiple accounts or leave ghost accounts on the server.

(10) Always respect other users.

(11) All bots must use the bot API, and may only be added by admins.

(12) If you use your connection through this server to communicate with others, these rules may apply to that chat too, depending on the situation.

(13) There are no loopholes. Use common sense and follow these rules in the spirit that they were written.

(14) Moderators may act within their own reasonable discretion. Users who break any of these rules will be subject to appropriate consequences.

The Dispatch Office of FNR