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The Rejected Realms | Foreign Update XXXV

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World Assembly Delegate: Agalaesia

Officer of Foreign Affairs: Dyllypoly

Officer of Culture: Grea Rejectopia

Officer of Outreach: A Leaf on the Wind

Officer of World Assembly: Vacant

Speaker of the Assembly: Minskyiv
A New Delegate Arises

by Dyllypoly

In early May, Jamie (Chimes) stepped down from their position as World Assembly Delegate. In the days that followed, a five-way election for a replacement was held. Outreach Officer Agalaesia, Editor-in-Chief BowShot (Toerana), and citizens Goobergunchia, Frenchy, and John Laurens (USS Merrimack) competed for the position, with Agalaesia emerging victorious in the end.

Aggie downs his opponents as Rejects watch on.

Elections, Elections, Elections

by Crowheim and Dyllypoly

After Agalaesia ascended to the delegacy, the officer spot he had previously occupied opened up and an election for it was held. John Laurens, Bormiar, and Fauxia initially ran, but John Laurens dropped out early leaving only the latter two to compete on the ballot. Bormiar called for streamlining and automating parts of the Outreach office - the presumed portfolio for whoever would become Officer. Fauxia ran on a more conventional platform, largely focusing on continuing already-existing programs.

The election ended with a 12-12 tie, leading to a tiebreaker - the victor would be the candidate the Delegate had voted for, who in this case was Bormiar. Unsurprisingly, he was assigned Outreach.

In June, both Chipmunker (Crowheim) and BowShot stepped down from their positions as Officer and Editor-in-Chief, respectively. In the days that followed, Sarah (A Leaf on the Wind) challenged for the vacant Officer position, while Fauxia and Hya (Rejected Purple Hyacinth) declared their candidacies a few days later. The Church of Satan challenged for the Editor-in-Chief position, but made clear that they would rescind their challenge if another willing candidate stepped forward. This came in the form of Gorundu (Vuy), who put forth a platform and faced a confirmation vote as a result. Gorundu was confirmed as Editor-in-Chief, while Sarah was victorious in the Officer race and initially assigned World Assembly, the portfolio previously held by Chip.

Defender Olympics

by Dyllypoly

The annual Defender Olympics - a defending event containing a wide variety of defending-related activities - wrapped up in mid-May. The Rejected Realms Army (RRA) joined in the competition, placing third overall with two silver and two bronze medals.

The RRA’s first medal came as a result of Corporal Fauxia’s efforts, as he won silver for off-update raid spotting, while High Commander Frattastan IV doubled the RRA’s tally with a bronze in trigger calling.

RRA’s final two medals came in the pile-off - a competition in which the participating forces competed to have the highest endorsement count on their lead in the target region. RRA earned bronze in the pile-off, as well as a silver in the pile-off artwork contest for their unique puppet theme and flag - Mario Kart! In all, the Defender Olympics were well-enjoyed and a good outing for the Rejected Realms Army.

Rejects Celebrate Pride Month: A Spotlight on LGBTQ+ Activists

by Dyllypoly

In recognition of Pride Month, The Grim Reaper (Siam Meow) has released a series of in-depth articles detailing the stories of LGBTQ+ activists and their work to aid the LGBTQ+ community. Two articles have been released thus far, with more expected in the near future. The first focused on Magnus Hirschfeld, a gay rights advocate who founded the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee and World League for Sexual Reform. The second, meanwhile, detailed the story of Laxmi, a transgender rights activist and one of India’s most prominent LGBTQ+ figures. These can be viewed by selecting the images below.

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