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Master Dispatch

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Hello, and welcome to the Atlanticanan Master Dispatch. This little thing serves as a hub for our network of interconnecting dispatches, you can use it to safely navigate the network, learn about the region, and maybe even apply for some of the things that are offered in the aforementioned network. The hub is divided into three sections: Regional Law, Regional Government, and Regional Trivia. Each section contains a vast variety of dispatches.

The Regional Law section contains the Constitution, the Criminal Code, the Code of Conduct, as well as every resolution that passed in the legislative. The Regional Government section contains the various offices that describe the position which the particular, office belongs to, as well as stating which nation is currently occupying the office, and the jurisdictions of said office. The General Information section contains things such as a dispatch showcasing the flags that were previously used by the region, as well as the ones that are currently in use.

Law Section

Sakura Law Index

Court Index

Regional Government


High-Cloud Council

Foreign Affairs

Atlanticanan Regional Initiative for Sustainability and Empowerment


General Information


Code of Conduct

A Journey of Art and History

Regional Awards