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☠️ How Not To Get Heisted ☠️


 So you have some bank you want to move from one nation to another and don’t want to lose any of it to heisters?
 As someone who has heisted a lot, here’s my little community service.

The two safest ways to avoid someone taking your bank are; the “piggyback” and the “mass-transfer”.

💵 The piggyback only requires you to have 1 or 2 copies of a card, and is the easier option.
💵 You’d preferably use a low-owner CTE card, less than 10 owners ideally.
💵 Also try to scope out the owners, ‘are they active recently’, ‘is the card in a collection they’d be unlikely to sell from’, these are good questions to ask yourself and it only takes a cursory look to work out.
💵 Once you’re satisfied with the level of risk you can begin:

💵 If you have 1 copy of the card then there needs to be a low ask that you are ok with matching, otherwise you’d need 2 copies so you can start a low match.
💵 What you start off by doing is making it look like any regular trade that no one cares about, say a common for .05 or something boring.
💵 In the last minute you place an ask from the nation that you want the bank on and a bid from the nation you’re transferring bank from (IN THIS ORDER).
💵 This will be for the full amount you’re transferring and should only be visible for just over 60 seconds. Good luck!

💵 The mass-transfer is where you have multiple copies of the same card and you split the transfer over each copy.
💵 Say you want to transfer 50 bank and have 10 copies of a card, you can match at 5 bank per card.
💵 If anyone tries to heist they only get 10% of your bank max (in this scenario).
💵 If you’re interested in transferring again and again (if you’re getting into farming cards for example) then it’s a good idea to buy extra copies anyway, so just transfer at the amount that you’re happy to purchase at.
💵 Another thing to do is leave a bid when you’re not transferring, it can be a lot lower but this lets you pick up extra copies much cheaper for your next transfer.

If none of this makes sense then read page=dispatch/id=1399925#bank and page=dispatch/id=1301078#TRANSFER which both have pictures to help you.

That’s it, if you have questions send me a telegram or @ me on discord @fhaeng if you’re in the cards server.