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Inaugural Address of the Cabinet, June 2021

Honorable colleagues, fellow South Pacificans,

I want to begin this address by thanking every single one of you. Whether you just joined the Assembly in the last few weeks or have been a Legislator for longer than history can remember, or anywhere in between, I want to say thanks for your support and the work you put into making the South Pacific such an incredible place. As is tradition, Iím here today to present the inaugural address on behalf of the Cabinet - to share a little about our vision and our plans for the next four months.

This election saw a complete turnover in the Cabinet; not a single minister elected to run for re-election to their old post, and I am the only Cabinet member from last term who remains, albeit with a different portfolio. Despite that, Iím happy to report that the transition has so far been extremely smooth. Most hand-overs are complete and weíre well on the way to forming a coherent and ambitious agenda for the next four months.

Hereís an overview of what the Cabinet is planning:

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs Qvait is planning to work closely with the Partnership for Sovereignty on broadening the scope of its work. Heís also announced his intent to reach out to some allies and other friendly regions we maybe havenít worked as closely with in the past, and explore new opportunities for relationships with those regions based on shared ideals where we have them. At home, his plans are to work on a better recruitment and reporting system, including publishing FA reports for Legislators to better inform themselves in case a discussion arises within the Assembly.

  • Minister of Defense HumanSanity is going to work in earnest on a couple of back-burner ideas I had in the last term - namely setting up individual record-keeping documents and better publicizing the SPSF roster. He has also indicated his intent to work with the other Ministries, especially Culture and Engagement, on setting up better and more centralized propaganda and promotional materials for the SPSF.

  • Minister of Culture Holy Free wants to get a stable monthly culture calendar back on track, as well as integrating more staff members into planning and hosting events. Tin has rightly pointed out that there is an issue where it seems that only staff members with #announcements permission on Discord can host events - and is looking at ways of solving this. There is also talk between Tin and Jay of Pacific-ConÖ a :eyes: emoji would go well here.

  • Minister of Engagement Lucabadukaís first priority is fixing the application process to make it more unified - something which I have exciting news from admin on below. The focus, to paraphrase, is on creating a clear and obvious pathway from a link on the gameside to the Ministerís desk. Beyond that, Luca will focus on getting the cards program finally off the ground and running. In the works for a while, itís time this took flight.

  • Minister of Media Moonfungus is working on a standardized schedule for TSJ and other media publication, and will be creating a Discord Upvote Squad for publications and other dispatches of import. They will be overhauling and compacting some of the MoM roles on discord and working on a more unified editorial workspace for publications, as well as highlighting various accomplishments from the other ministries.

    This is just an overview of the various ministries, but I hope it gives you an idea of where weíre headed. For my part, Iím working on a couple of projects behind the scenes, but the Assembly will see their results in due course and I will share the following about them:

    Priority number one is a Sunshine Act release. Expect to hear more on this in the coming days; I will tackle this as quickly as possible, but there may be a fair amount to sort through as we are extremely behind on releases. We will be up to date and in compliance with the Sunshine Act as soon as humanly possible.

    Additionally, Iím happy to share that after a conversation with Roavin, the infrastructure in fact already exists for a unified ministry/SPSF/legislator application process. It could be released even sooner than a lot of us thought - I will brief the Cabinet on the extant infrastructure and any changes they might want to make, but weíve spent a long time talking about unified applications and itís time to make that a reality. The system may not be perfect at first, but the infrastructure is easily modifiable and itís my goal to have a unified application process released at some point during this term. Itís closer than we thought.

    As is my duty as Prime Minister, Iím excited to announce that Anjo will be staying on as Director of the Office of World Assembly Legislation. They have done an excellent job with OWL and the Cabinet is delighted to have Anjo remain as Director for another term.

    A couple of last matters -

    The first public Cabinet meeting of the term will probably be held sometime in the week of July 5th. Itís my goal to have at least one of these per month and to have the first one a couple weeks after inauguration to check in on where we are and field questions from the public about the transition etc.

    In the spirit and theme of ďmaking myself availableĒ that defined my candidacy for Prime Minister and has frankly defined my personality in TSP, I will be creating a ďPrime Ministerís OfficeĒ thread in the Civic and Political Discussion center where Legislators and citizens can post suggestions, ideas, commentary, whatever, and I wll do my best to respond to them. I will also be regularly on the RMB and Discord asking for feedback and ideas. With all the outreach and media efforts planned this term, itís my goal to seek out feedback and suggestions wherever I can get them.

    So once again, thank you. Thank you to every single Legislator that voted in the last election, whether for one of our current ministers or for another candidate. Thank you to everyone who submitted a draft of legislation, everyone who voted on a bill, everyone who commented and participated in debate. You are the reason I stay here and you are the reason this is the greatest region in NationStates. I am so excited for all the plans our Cabinet has on the table for this term, and frankly Iím just glad to be along for the ride. This Cabinet is so talented, so driven, and so optimistic that itís been a pleasure just to work alongside them. This is going to be a fantastic term.


    Witchcraft and Sorcery
    Prime Minister
    21 June 2021