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Taco-Tater Treaty Announcement

In light of the long history of friendship, mutual defender values, and a love for delicious food, diplomats from 10000 Islands and Spiritus have negotiated the Taco-Tater Treaty. The treaty serves to recognize each region's governments, provide for mutual defense, and encourage continued social ties through cultural events. Ratified by both the Council of Nine of 10000 Islands and the Executive Government and Legislature of Spiritus, this treaty serves to recognize the close relations and create and official alliance between the two regions.

10000 Islands looks excitedly toward a future where we will be able to share even more delicious potato/taco combination dishes with our friends in Spiritus! Now without further ado, the Taco-Tater Treaty:

Taco-Tater Treaty

In recognition of the long history of close relations and shared defender values between our regions, as well as a mutual interest in preserving these relations, the Council of Nine, representing the region of 10000 Islands, and the Executive Government and Legislature of Spiritus, representing the region of Spiritus hereby enter this treaty of friendship and alliance.

Article I - Mutual Recognition

Section 1. The parties to this treaty recognize the government of each region, based upon its constitutions and laws, as legitimate, and will not extend that recognition to any government that comes to power through means not prescribed by law.

Section 2. Each party recognizes the otherís commitment to defender values and respects their right to engage in military and political action consistent with their own laws and traditions, pursuant of these defender values.

Section 3. In recognition of diplomatic relations between them, the signatories shall maintain in-game embassies on Nationstates, off-site embassies on their respective regional forums, and diplomatic representatives within each other's regions, to the best of their abilities.

Article 2 - Non-Aggression and Mutual Defense

Section 1. Both signatories agree not to attack the home region of the other party nor participate in any action with the intent to overthrow their legitimate government.

Section 2. Both signatories will refrain from conspiring, either directly or through a third party, to destabilize or overthrow the legitimate government of either party.

Section 3. Both signatories will refrain from conducting clandestine operations, espionage, and/or other forms of spying against either party.

Section 4. Both signatories agree to aid each other against attempts to illegally overthrow the in-game Delegate of their respective home regions.

Section 5. The signatories shall provide to each other intelligence, on a need-to-know basis, on any potential hostilities or actions against the other regionís lawful government or community, unless doing so would violate applicable laws, or the terms of service for NationStates or regional communications platforms, or unduly compromise said signatory's sources of information. If this intelligence relates to actions of the other Signatory's Delegate, then it will be provided to the Chief Executive of Spiritus or the Chief Executive of 10000 Islands respectively.

Article 3 - Cultural Exchange

Section 1. The signatories shall allow and encourage their residents to socialize with the residents of the other signatory, when appropriate, subject to their adherence to the rules of the region and the platform they socialize on.

Section 2. The signatories shall allow each otherís residents to participate in cultural events on all platforms when appropriate, subject to their adherence to the rules of the region and the platform they socialize on.

Section 3. The signatories shall seek to conduct periodic communal cultural activities when appropriate, and at the discretion of the relevant and legitimate officials of each signatory.

Section 4. The signatories shall not attack the other signatory, nor their faction, during the on-site NS event known as N-Day. Further, signatories shall coordinate their in-game efforts as necessary to ensure their mutual success and enjoyment of N-Day.

Article 4 - Ratification and Termination

Section 1. This treaty shall enter into effect upon completion of the respective lawful ratification processes of both Spiritus and 10000 Islands.

Section 2. This treaty shall be announced and displayed in a publicly accessible area of the community forums of both parties.

Section 3. The parties to this treaty may clarify the terms of this treaty through memorandums of understanding, which shall be posted alongside the treaty.

Section 4. Either party may suspend the terms of this treaty if the other party has materially breached its terms until such a time that both parties peacefully settle the dispute and adopt a memorandum of understanding that the treaty is again in force.

Section 5. Either party may terminate the treaty with five days written notice to the other party after which the terms of the treaty are no longer binding on either party. Termination of this treaty shall not itself be interpreted as an act of aggression.