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People of Entropy, I would like the opportunity to lead you to victory! This region has so much potential and it was basically born with one of the most interesting histories in the game. There is absolutely no reason that this region should not thrive every day that it breathes. I hope to help us angle it in the right direction to succeed.

My name is Altino. :) I've spent the happiest moments in my NS career building regions up from low points to their all time highs. I have experience working in the GCRs, but I have spent all of my time during the past two years focused solely on UCRs and their group success. I am Founder of a very successful region of my own, I own the NationStates Leaders server where Founders and Delegates from all over the game gather for advice and support, and most importantly I am part of the Entropic ruckus. That last bit doesn't speak to my experience, I guess, but it's important. I've already earned my accolades in the game and done all the things that would make me famous, I don't need to vye for power just so I can feel important. I'm here because I know how to help, and I want to offer what I know. Please let me do that for you.

Kay, so what's the plan? I don't feel like a numbered list could really cover what I have in mind, but I will try to be concise.

What we want to accomplish:

1! Get at least one third of the nations in Entropy endorsing the delegate.
I hope to work with our newly elected delegate to increase the number of nations which are in the World Assembly and how many endorse the delegate. I feel like 1/3 is a healthy number for a region of this size. I will do this by introducing my favorite concept to Entropy - the philosophy behind the Influence Fortress, which I will explain if any of you would like me to.

2! Establish a dialog with as many nations gameside as possible.
The RMB has already gotten more active in the last week and all we have done is make an effort to welcome new nations into Entropy as they join. If we can directly task our Integration team with an RMB focus, then we will really be going places. We will also put effort into TGing nations in Entropy, likely in conjunction with our mission to increase endorsements, and try to reach people that way. Remember the first step to getting people to STAY in Entropy is getting them to SPEAK in Entropy. If we can get them talking, we can get them invested.

3! Invest in a team of Manual Recruiters.
Stamp recruitment on NS is completely busted. Our Founder pours money into the Stamp game to keep recruitment alive, but manual recruitment is free and can bring up to 200% more nations than stamps can. This is a significant time investment, but I will start a group of volunteers and together we can blow recruitment out of the water!

4! Create a Noob Help dispatch.
Our dispatches look amazing. The information that they have to offer, especially in the History dispatch, is incredibly interesting and I think they're a huge asset to our region. They're daunting, though. As a noob, you don't need to know the region's entire history and every rule that guides us. You just need to know the basics. I will make us a simple dispatch to help a noob overcome the initial shock of realizing that NatiomStates is not as advertised and they are now tasked with creating their own space in this Skeleton of a game. The more quickly they can understand the basic key features of NS and Entropy, the more likely they are to stick around.

These will be my four immediate focuses. There are other things to do as well - like normal Questions of the Day on the RMB, keeping interesting polls up, making sure that the RMB/Discord crossover is healthy and moving, etc - but these things are all supplementary to the above four goals.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Integration is what I'm good at, it's what I like to do, and I am very hopeful that we will have a wonderful time doing it together.


- Alti.