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by The Diplomatic State of The Kingdom of the Three Isles. . 381 reads.

The Islands of Freedom

Welcome to the Kingdom of the Three Isles!
We are pleased to be in your interest. We have 3 main islands: Urbania, Bothilia & Melbournia. There are many smaller islands, many of which are less than a metre (3.28 feet) long. Oh, and by the way, we use the metric system. Our official religion is Christianity but freedom of religion is allowed as long as it does not harm anyone in any way. We strive to be a peaceful, free country. Our leader has been in office for a few months now. Our capital is Melbourne, located on the island of Melbournia. The official currency of The Three Isles are Islander Dollars, $1 Islander Dollar worth $0.82 World Assembly currency.
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