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Refugia Eco-Report, June 2021

Photo Credit: Refuge Isle


An'eth'ara, na lethall’en!



Welcome back, Refugi! You may be wondering, hey Emily, why haven't we gotten any eco-reports since March? It's been longer since your last one than it was between that one and the one before it! Look, you're right. But here's the thing, while we were having our regularly-scheduled downtime, I was planning and scheming and potentially coming up with excuses but honestly I think this might be a more manageable system going forward. I have decided that it might be a good idea to do these seasonally! That way we can see how the region improved over a three-month span instead of just 30 days. Sure, it might mean you experience less of my entirely mediocre writing skills, but also it might mean we don't run out of cool ideas for things to talk about too soon. Just up front, I'll make mention that, since the format is changing to span between March 1 and June 1, we're going to be retreading a couple weeks of space from the last eco-report.

To those first-time readers, the Refugia Eco-Report is a requirement put on the Councillor of Culture by RRS 6(c)(i) to be released periodically. It contains information on the regional progress toward our stated environmental goals, while also possibly presenting advice and environmental news to those people who are interested. Given that we're advertised as a region made up heavily of eco-socialist hippy types, I imagine that's all of us. So, without further ado, let's dive right in.

First up, we have Eco-Friendliness (click the graph to the right for a larger image). Much like the results we received from the last eco-report, we can see that, between March 1st and June 1st, our average Eco-Friendliness score rose significantly, 300 points exactly this month. I would be extremely surprised at this point if we didn't reach our voted-upon goal of 3200 average Eco-Friendliness by the end of the year. To summarise the data provided in the image, on March 1, 2021, Refugia’s average Eco-Friendliness score was 2,725.78, approximately 475 points away from our goal. Though there were some rises and dips throughout the summer due to the continuing recruitment drive, we ultimately ended the spring at an average score of 3,025.35, just under 175 points from the goal. Given that the continued influx of new nations through recruitment hasn't hindered our growth, it's highly likely that we will beat our goal by the end of the summer! In fact, given that we had a 300-point growth in three months, and we're less than 200 away from our goal, I imagine we'll shatter it.

Environmental Beauty


Next, we will address Environmental Beauty (again, click the image to the right for a larger graph), for which our regional goal was 1100. Much like what we saw with the Eco-Friendliness score, Environmental Beauty has been progressing rapidly throughout the spring. Aside from a few small dips (aligning with large recruitment spikes), our region has been experiencing consistent growth, increasing a total of 99 points. On March 1st, we had an average regional Environmental Beauty score of 940.75, approximately 159 points away from our goal. And as of June 1st, we were sitting at an average of 1039.59, approximately 60 points from our goal. This means that, in six months, we've improved our regional score by 190 points, more than three times what's left between us and our goal. At this rate, we should, again, shatter expectations by the end of the summer.

There are dozens (hundreds!) of people who could be pointed to as people who deserve the thanks for this monumental growth, but as with the last report, I would like to highlight two in particular. I actually quite like this format, specifically highlighting some Refugi who have had some really cool growth arcs during the span of this eco-report.

First off, Araine, our incumbent Councillor of the Interior and all around wonderful person, has shown a Linkfantastic amount of growth in their Environmental Beauty score. Between March 1, 2021 and June 1, their Environmental Beauty score rose from 1,277.22 to 1,769.89, a growth of 492 points! I'm eternally grateful for Araine's presence in the community, they're extremely welcoming to new people and friendly, all while continuing to help us achieve our goals!

Another commendable Refugi is Lethodus, who has taken on the challenge of potentially being my replacement in this position. I promise I gathered this information before they announced their candidacy, and still want to share it because it's extremely impressive. Since the beginning of the spring, Dax has raised their LinkEco-Friendliness score by almost 1400 points!

Eco-Advice for Eco-Dorks

You know, there are probably still a lot of things that I could cover here as advice for people on how to lower their carbon footprint or generally be more environmentally-friendly. I imagine the most impactful advice I could give, given that we've covered Linkcutting out single-use plastic, Linkusing Ecosia as your primary search engine, Linktaking public transport if possible, and Linkcutting down on meat eating, is probably using less of your air conditioner over the summer. That being said, I know a lot of people live in places where it gets to ungodly temperatures, and it's a bit rich of me to say don't use your a/c when it doesn't get over 30 degrees here and some of you live in the actual pits of hell, speaking purely in terms of temperature. And besides, aren't we forgetting something?

I know the original point of the 'Suggestions for Improvement' section wasn't to put all of the burden of climate change on individuals. I should know that, as I wrote and outlined the original eco-report. Here's the thing, we make suggestions for individual improvements because, collectively, those little changes do add up. Composting your leftovers and recycling plastics, paper, cardboard, tin cans, and glass, and cutting down on your own emissions as much as possible does make a difference. And while it's true that Link100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions, there isn't a lot that we can do about that.

We're only just now coming out of a worldwide pandemic. Things have been hectic and stressful for a year and a half, and we've all done our best to just survive. And while we should be conscious of the things we're doing as we enter the next stage of whatever we'll be doing, whether it be returning to work or school, or maybe continuing to do things at distance as companies realise the money they save by allowing for that, we should go a bit easy on ourselves. The last time I did a 'Suggestions for Improvement', way back in LinkMay of 2020, was to take care of yourselves. At that time I specifically aimed that at "especially those of you who have been shut in for six or seven weeks at this point". Little did I know we'd have more than another year left of that.

So do what you can. Read back over some of those rants I wrote in the old dispatch archive. Try to make some improvements and tell us about them in the RMB or in the Discord server. Share your victories with us so we can all lift each other up. Maybe hold off on the air conditioning except for the worst days if possible. But don't push yourselves too hard. As then, and still now, self-care takes priority.

Environmental News

First, an article on Linksomething new in Canada. A hybrid-electricity turbine has been built in Alberta that is stated to lower the run-time of the turbine by 80%, saving approximately 45,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions ever year. Not to show my BC bias, but this is may be the only good thing that's ever come out of Alberta. After all, they're also currently being Linkblocked by the federal government from continuing to mine and burn coal.

LinkThis article talks about new creation out of Cambridge in the U.K., a plant-based and sustainable 'vegan spider silk' material that could replace single-use plastics in products. This would be a massive deal, of course, because there are some plastics that are going to be difficult to convince people to stop using. This would make it to where maybe they don't!

LinkHere's another article, this time about a new and distinct ocean! National Geographic, for the first time since they began making maps more than a century ago, has declared a new and distinct ocean as the waters around Antarctica.

Finally, a couple of short, fun articles. First, Linkvegetables aren't real, apparently. And then, to get the G-7 leaders to pay attention to the rising issue of e-waste, two artists have Linksculpted their faces out of trash. They've named the piece 'Mount Recyclemore'.

As always, if you have interesting environmental stories, news, tips you’d like to see an article centred around, or any questions, feel free to message me at any time! Thanks so much for reading.

Sule tael tasalal, dar'eth shiral,
Sylh Alanor