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The Grey Wardens - A New World Assembly Delegate (Bread Rises)

Announcement of New World Assembly Delegate

The Order of The Grey Wardens has seen phenomenal success in 2021, having seen significant success in continuing to eliminate The Blight. We've been able to, alongside our other defender-aligned comrades, considerably reduce the threat of invasion that founderless regions and small Executive Delegate UCRs consistently face. We have significantly swelled the ranks of both The Wardens and The Guardians, while seeing notable growth in terms of gameside activity, discord activity, and overall community engagement. Our Wardens are some of the most skilled and capable players in Military Gameplay, and our Guardians continue to be one of the most consistent forces in removing traces of raiders from founderless regions.

It is on top of this recent success that we have been continuing to invest more and more into our Internal Affairs, recognizing that it is our responsibility to provide as many avenues for engagement, contribution, and enjoyment

I'd like to thank Warden Lieutenant Birdkeeper (Avian collector) for their contribution and commitment to the region as World Assembly Delegate these last four months. We've been able to continue growing and developing our native World Assembly numbers, and it has allowed for The Order to continue developing more influence within The World Assembly itself. It's not an easy position, and one that can definitely feel like a job at times with repetitive tasks such as endorsement tarting being core aspects of the position. Birdkeeper has done a great job over the last few months, and their willingness to take on the position of Delegate for that period time is highly appreciated.

Without further stalling, I'm incredibly excited to announce that Warden-Lieutenant Sarah (Frilless Islands) will be taking up the position of TGW World Assembly Delegate.

All WA Nations in The Order of The Grey Wardens are encouraged to endorse Frilless Islands at their earliest convenience.

Warden-Lieutenant Sarah comes to the position of The Order's WA Delegate carrying an incredible amount of experience in the position, as well as experience in internal affairs, culture, and gameside engagement. Having served as WA Delegate of The Rejected Realms (under the nation A Leaf on the Wind), they oversaw extensive growth and success for the community there, and it's thrilling to see what they can do with their newfound position within The Order. It is a firm belief that with Sarah at the helm of our WA Delegacy, we can see significant steps towards increasing our Endorsement Percentage, Total Endorsements, WA Membership, as well as general activity and culture for the region as a whole. Her talent really cannot be overstated, as much as she may hate me for gassing her up this much, and I know that she's going to do an amazing job. In addition, this only helps build on and enable the reasons for which Sarah was promoted to Lieutenant, and it's great to be able to provide them this platform from which they can work to their immense strengths.


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