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June 2021 Chaotic Council Elections

Master Dispatch June 2021 Chaotic Council Elections

June 2021 Chaotic Council Elections
Announcement | Procedure | Offices

Over the past two weeks, it has become apparent that the Chaotic Council isn't firing on all cylinders. Entropy isn't going to be taken seriously about combating stagnation abroad if we aren't first combating it at home. With that in mind, the Chaos King has shaken up the region's system of government and the way the Chaotic Council will be selected to ensure continued activity and interest in the region as the luster of the first 100 days wears off.

Moving forward, Entropy will function as a meritocratic democracy. Final authority over regional government will continue to rest with the Chaos King, including the authority to remove Councillors from office at will to ensure that meritocratic values are preserved and no one can rest on their laurels once elected. The World Assembly Delegate will be elected every six months, and other Councillors every two months, or whenever an office is vacant if the Chaos King deems there to be sufficient time remaining in the term to warrant a new election. Should he deem otherwise, he will appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term. Entropy will continue to function without burdensome laws to avoid getting endlessly bogged down in bureaucracy and how to do things instead of actually doing them, but residents will get to choose who will manage their regional government. Candidates are encouraged to present their own vision for their departments, even if they differ from the broad agenda thus far laid out, to allow residents to weigh in on their preferred path forward.

In the spirit of Entropy's founding, all are welcome to participate. If you move a nation in today, you will be allowed to run or vote provided you meet our very basic eligibility requirements. If you move a nation in and post a campaign two minutes before the deadline, you will still be allowed to run or vote. Entropy remains an open community that prides itself on the ability of every resident from the oldest to the newest to make their voice heard and help shape the future of the region. The spirit of our first 100 days lives on in the openness of our community to newcomers who wish to contribute.

To ensure a level playing field, those who were holding Chaotic Council offices have been thanked for their services and dismissed, with the exception of the World Assembly Delegate who will remain in office through the conclusion of the elections to ensure regional stability.

Our first elections will be conducted one week from today on Monday, June 21. All residents willing to disclose their World Assembly nation will be eligible to run or vote. World Assembly nations may be either publicly disclosed along with campaigns in the case of candidates or in the voting form in the case of voters, or privately disclosed to the Chaos King. Residents with World Assembly nations in other regions are welcome to vote; only disclosure is required.

There is no nomination period. Simply post your campaign in the #june-2021-campaigns channel of our Discord server before the campaign deadline and you will be included on the ballot unless you rescind your candidacy in the same channel. It's as easy as that.

The deadline for campaigns will be 11:59 p.m. EDT on Sunday, June 20. Campaigning may continue throughout the subsequent three day voting period, but only candidates who posted campaigns prior to the deadline will appear on the ballot and be eligible to receive votes.

The following offices will be subject to election:

World Assembly Delegate
The World Assembly Delegate will be responsible for endorsement tarting and voting on World Assembly resolutions according to the directives of the Chaotic Council, informed by the input of residents. The World Assembly Delegate may work with the Integration Office to organize endorsement programs.

Community Councillor
The Community Councillor will be responsible for organizing and managing gameside and off-site community events and activities. This can include everything from RMB activity programs, to regional polls, to roleplay, to special events such as festivals and contests.

Foreign Councillor
The Foreign Councillor will be responsible for managing diplomacy with other regions in coordination with the Chaos King, fielding embassy requests according to our embassy guidelines and submitting valid requests to the Chaotic Council, and advising the Chaotic Council on foreign policy matters.

Integration Councillor
The Integration Councillor will be responsible for overseeing a manual recruitment program in coordination with the Chaos King to complement our other forms of recruitment. The Integration Councillor will also be responsible for managing and overseeing welcoming and orientation programs.

Military Councillor
The Military Councillor will be responsible for recruitment of new soldiers for the Agents of Chaos, as well as training of new soldiers and organization of the Agents of Chaos as they see fit. The Military Councillor will also be responsible for command of the Agents of Chaos in coordination with the Chaos King.

Each Councillor except the World Assembly Delegate will be responsible for overseeing an office comprised of residents to assist them in executing these responsibilities. They may organize their offices as they see fit, including with the appointment of deputies, establishment of rank systems, etc. Responsibility for overseeing a WA Affairs Office may be delegated to a Councillor (including the World Assembly Delegate), or the Council collectively, at Council discretion.

The World Assembly Delegate will serve a term of six months and other Councillors will serve terms of two months, subject to remaining active and competent. Remember, this is still a meritocratic region and those who don't put in effort don't hold shiny titles.