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Novoblupolia wrote:
*Novoblupolian army headquaters*

Two men in military uniforms are sitting at the desk, looking at the map of Novoblupolian military bases. One of them is wearing a bright white uniform and a military cap, while the other one is wearing a brown uniform and a dark green helmet.

Marshall Thomas: "The rumor's on the streets... the government plans to significantly decrease it's spending of defense forces... Anyway, how did the army manuevers go?"

Captain James: "They were excellent, our forces have acquited themselves well. If anything, We could travel to any place in Novoblupolia in a very short period of time... even to Zvezdow."

Thomas looks at James, raising his brow with suspicion.

Marshall Thomas: "You're not suggesting what I think you're suggesting, are you?"

Captain James: "I don't trust the Bastilliards, neither should you. The way they're going now, they could soon usurp complete control over every single aspect of our internal affairs, including the complete control over the armed forces."

Marshall Thomas: "I doubt anything like what you're implying we could do would be possible - even if we manage to secure the weapons, we won't be able to secure the support of the people."

Captain James: "There are plenty of options here - you could form a secret alliance with a preferable ruling political party that would defend our interests, you could orchestrate a coup and convince United-Viking to invade the nation to distract the feds..."

Marshall Thomas: "No. I'm not doing that. I will not put the interests of the army above the interests of the people."

Captain James: "I simply encourage you to make up your mind, supreme Marshall. If we do not act now, the interests of the people may end up getting absorbed by the interests of the state..."

Marshall Thomas: "I'll think about it. Now leave me to my thoughts."

*meanwhile, at the Senate palace in Zvezdow, two men are having a conversation in an audioisolated office.*

One man is wearing a formal outfit, while the other is wearing a special investigation bureau uniform.

Matvey: "...And that's what bothers me, Mr. Uzhov. I want you to investigate the case."

Anton Uzhov: "Sir, it is an honor to work for a politician like you, but... where should I start?"

Matvey: "The armed forces. Check the bios of every single person who we trust to protect and serve the nation."

Uzhov: "Will be done, sir. I'll be on my way to the archives."

Matvey: "Hold on, first I gotta point you towards several necessities when executing the task. Tell me - is there any person in our government, military, or even social structure, who is at the very least somehow connected to the military, and who you trust completely? Is there anybody you are completely certain about that they couldn't pose a threat to the state?"

Uzhov: "..."

Matvey: "... ?"

Uzhov: "No, sir."

Matvey: "... Then check everyone, every single person. If you stumble upon even the smallest clues or evidences, get those bios on my desk in the following moments, got it?"

Uzhov: "Got it, sir."

Uzhov leaves, as Matvey proceedes to once again light his smoking pipe and looks out into the window.

Novoblupolia wrote:
*A rainy night. Matvey makes a phone call from his house, while watching the rain outside*

Arnold: "Hola, Guten tag, Merhaba, whatever. This is Ar- wait how are you calling me on my personal phone? Who is this?"

Matvey: "Good evening, Arnold. This is Matvey directly from Zvezdow. I have a certain topic to discuss with you. Long story short... I want you to increase your military peacekeepers presence in Novoblupolia."

Arnold: "Ah, good evening my dear friend. Hmm, you mean my own military peacekeepers involved and patrolling in Novoblupolia? Alright, I won't ask, since I'm sure you have your own reasons. But I must ask. Depending on what task you'll probably assign to them, will they be safe?"

Matvey: "The more there will be of them, the safer they'll be. I can guarantee on my behalf that they will be provided with excellent living conditions."

Arnold: "Huh. Alrighty then. How many forces would you suggest I station into your country? Just give a number, and I'll send over that many."

Matvey: "25 000 will do fine for now. However, I request you put a large force of at least 200 000 soldiers into mobilization readiness, so if necessary, they could arrive to Novoblupolia very quickly."

Arnold: "It doesn't take a genius to know when a bad situation is arising, but it takes an idiot to not realize. Heh, that should go in my quotebook. Anyway, personal matters aside, I'll send over 25,000 right now. I'll leave the mobilization and peacekeeping forces ordering such to one of my generals. Just send the location where you'd like us to send the forces over, and we'll do so. We'll also put in a combat ready army of 300,000 soldiers, just in case you need 'em, so don't worry about that. Is there anything specific you'd like in the peacekeeping forces? Tanks? Heavy weaponry?"

Matvey: "No need, their main purpose is supposed to be deterrence and intimidation by presence. The main aspect of such forces is their speed. If everything goes according to my plan, not a single drop of blood will be spilled."

Arnold: "I like the idea of no blood being spilled, but I'm still worried nonetheless. Alright then, it is settled. I'll send over 25,000 peacekeeping forces, for 'intimidation', and I'll keep 300,000 combat-ready soldiers ready to be mobilized."

Matvey: "Thank you, I'll update you on the the situation if things will require your intervention."

Arnold: "No problem, I'll be ready"

*Matvey hangs the phone and lights his smoking pipe. Just as he puffs out his first cloud of smoke, he hears a door bell. As he turns on the camera, he sees Uzhov standing at his door under an umbrella, holding a large bag filled with papers in his left hand. Matvey opens the door, helps Uzhov take off his wet coat and places it on the dryer.*

Matvey: "Found anything?"

Uzhov: "Yes. I found some dirty stains on political careers of various politicians. Mostly Decembrists and Modernists. There are even some dark exposals of Bastilliard party members, which, if you want me to destroy those..."

Matvey: "No, quite the opposite. Those will be revealed to the public first and the party will be purified of it's corrupt and criminally-affiliated members. I want a good cabinet to work with."

Uzhov: "Got it. And the other documents? Save them for later?"

Matvey: "I won't go all out with those for the time being. Now, as for priority number one, did you find anything on the military?"

Uzhov: "Yup, mostly on high-ranking officers and generals. Nothing on the supreme marshall though."

Matvey: "Hand these ones over to the investigation bureau and have these officials expelled from the army immediately. Needless to say, confiscate their weapons from them."

Uzhov: "Will be done sir..."

Matvey: "... Something wrong?"

Uzhov: "I... I'd like to know, if you don't mind telling me... what's the motivation between your demands for investigations and purges?"

Matvey: "Sorry, I can't tell you yet. For now, execute the orders. One thing, however, I will let you know - we are doing this for Novoblupolia. The nation, it's people, it's government and it's future. We will get rid of the enemies of the state and secure a stable safe future for the nation, no matter the cost. You may leave now."

*Uzhov and matvey share a handshake, after which Uzhov leaves, his hand shaking a little as he was picking up his coat from the dryer.*

Novoblupolia wrote:
*Late evening. Several men in military uniforms gather in a small dark room. One of them lights a lamp and places it in the middle of a small round table.*

A man in green officer uniform lays out several documents with various names written on them.

Man in rreen: "Here's the list of the people who would support the removal of the bastilliards from power. Decembrists, Soviets, Modernists and even Humanists would support us in an event of the coup. Not all of them though, but a significant majority. However, the leaders of the parties weren't informed of the secret surveys - we fear they could rat us out to the smoking pipe gentlemen."

Man in red: "The fear of government imposing stricter limitations on the freedom of action in the army gives us a moral advantage when securing the support of the soldiers. I can promise at the very least the loyalty of several thousand soldiers in the capital alone."

Man in grey: "But that's where the problems begin, comrades. We may be generals of the army, but we can't control the government decreasing the capital garnisons."

Man in red: "Our other problem is that the Supreme Marshall is yet to have agreed to participate in the coup - if he sides with the government, the whole thing is doomed to fail."

Woman in orange: "The Supreme Marshall will have no choice but to side with us - his power an influence is backed by the army as much as the army's power and influence is backed by his leadership."

Woman in brown: "So he'll join us eventually. Now then, as for the aspect of foreign support - I heard that U-V would be ready to assist us once the operation commences. However, I fear the possibility of a foreign intervention to support Matvey's regime."

Man in green: "That will be taken care of. We'll have all communications jammed for the duration of the coup."

Man in grey: "So all that's left for us right now is to secure the Supreme Marshall's support and pull the forces towards the federal centers, have I that right?"

Woman in brown: "I'd say yes. Now then..."

*The woman in brown points at the man in red*

Woman in brown: "General James, you and I will go and concince the Supreme Marshall to join us. We'll do it at any cost, even if it will require some... agressive persuasion methods. Follow me."

*The woman in brown and man in red take out guns and head to the Marshall's office, while the rest of the people head back to their military bases.*

Novoblupolia wrote:"-And a total of 35 000 people have been arrested on charges of treason and attempt of a governmental coup this night. The Supreme Senator is currently putting together the data for the final verdict and report on the situation. This was Zvezdow TV, thank you for your attention, tune in later today for more."