by Max Barry

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Through The Greenery

971 N.E, Day of Greater Ultrala
North America, Greater Empire of Stalka.

Trees, branches and just about everything that is a plant smacked into Falco’s face, but it didn’t bother him all that much, what did bother him on the other hand, was the dozen Stalka soldiers chasing him down through the thick forest. If he could fly, he would, but he didn’t want to exactly become even more targeted as he was now. Only a little more until the border, and I’m home free! He was in fact, very close to the border dividing the great nations that is the Greater Empire of Stalka, and the Republic of Superior. Although he wished it was one of the twin kingdoms of Evergreen, and Skyfell, because they would give him a less hard time crossing into their borders without permission then the Republic of Superior, but what choice did he have?
He ran, and ran as fast as he could, but they only seemed to get closer. then I have to out maneuver them and find a place to hide to let them pass. He saw his moment, and he took it, and he dashed inside a hole under a large tree, and waited for them to pass. He could hear steps near him, and he held his breath, his heart pounding on his chest. He sensed they were about 6 of them standing right above him, they must’ve split into two groups.
“Where is he? Which way did he go?” One of them asked, his voice deep and still. Another one dropped down right in front of him, and looked in all directions. He didn’t seem to notice him in the hole, and the vines must have helped with that. He was big, and had this scar across his right eye, his build looked like he could snap a whole tree. He stalked around the clearing, looking for anything that would have hinted where he went.
“Well, anything?” Another asked,
The one with the scar sniffed the air, and closed his eyes… Well, I’m boned. Falco thought to himself, and tried hard to go deeper in the hole. The one with the scar turned his head towards Falco, and Falco began to panic quietly… but then he looked at his comrades and shook his head. “Aghhh! Whatever, I’m thinking he went this way, come on…” and they went somewhere that he couldn’t see, he waited for a while until they were really gone and were far away, and crawled out of the hole. He started towards the border, but before he could even react, a shadow, twice the size of him fell onto him. He felt something seized his neck, and a heavy weight on his back, and was thrown on the dirt with a hard thud.
His wings were pinned, his arms, anything that would help him get out of this situation.
Before he could scream no, his snort was tied shut.
“By order of Empress Anarchy, you are under arrest for treason against the empire. You’re not going anywhere, your empress would like to have a little chat with you personally…” he struggled and struggled, but it only seemed to annoy him, so he knocked him cold.
“What a waste to Stalkians around the world, don’t they know the Greater Empire of Stalka is here to help us?”

This is a bit outdated. I wrote this 1 and a half years ago when I was 13.