by Max Barry

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2025 A.D.
Provisional Federation of the Americas, California, Los Vangos.

Apocalypse… Apocalypse… The word “Apocalypse” has always been stuck in his mind since forever. When other people hear it, all they see is the ending of a world’s story. But when he hears or thinks of it… He sees the beginning of another one.
The true meaning of it has always got him thinking.
Apocalypse doesn’t mean the end of everything, but it means the new beginnings of everything that is. At least for the earth.
When the real myth that is Kamri Sakaolski spoke of such an idea for humanity, it instantly got to his head. Our species is on the breaking point, and it seems like everyday a worldwide conflict between the countries might break out at any time.
In this day and age. Are we capable of long lasting peace, but at the same time capable of great destruction.
It’s inevitable that we are going to destroy ourselves for useless reasons. Why do we want to have that peace? When we know it’s going to be a fragile one at that?
Questions… Questions that may be left unanswered in his mind.
The ghost everyone has seen that is Kamri Sakaolski said something about the rebirth of a species, and the beginning of an earth free from the mistakes of humanity.
Whatever that is, he supports it.
But something in his voice when he spoke on that broadcast… About an inevitable conflict between countries. Like he knew something about it.
He keeps thinking he is seeing something coming over the horizon on the sea. Like a fleet of ships, or something like that.
When he looks below at the beach in front of him. Listening to the waves…
He swears he can hear them say trouble, or, they speak of war.
Not that they can speak, because it’s all in his head.
Something isn’t just right today… Eh, probably just me or the vibe the city is giving.
Apart from the scary-sus-something-is-going-to-happen vibes, everything feels just about fine. People enjoying themselves on the beach. The pier is full of people.
Everything is good. No rival superpower is going to invade, you must be paranoid.