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The Races of Proxima B

I want to make one thing straight, I accidently put Proxima A in my nation name when its supposed to be B, so in my factbooks and dispatches you'll see them titled at Proxima B

The planet of Proxima B has 3 main intelligent species capable of coherent speech. The planet houses dozens of other species, but they are not as nearly intelligent or sophisticated as the ones listed. Here I will go over the 3 races of Proxima B, their origins, and traits.
*Note that sexual reproduction between the 3 species is possible, as their reproductive systems are quite similar. This has led to a class of subraces, which include Homo-Mothra, Moxians (Proximans and Mothra), and Homo-Proxi*

Other species on the planet exist, but are in very small amounts. These include Zabks, Liustians, and Gredes.

Humans are the 2nd most numerous species on Proxima B, and the most numerous in the galaxy known to date. Its unknown when humans first appeared on Proxima B, but its believed they originated from a planet called Earth, some 4.24 light years away. From human logs, they are said to have arrived somewhere around 2125 CE, Earth years. Humans are generally a peaceful species, and mainly inhabit the South Forests of Laina. Humans come in a variety of skin tones, and have unique facial and bodily features, but ultimately have one species variant.

Despite their name, Proximans aren't actually from Proxima B, but rather from a planet called Ryoalth, some 6.34 light years away. Despite that, Proximans are considered the main native species since they've been there for several eras compared to the other two. Proximans live all over the two continents, but mainy in the tropical and forested areas. Proximans have 3 skin tones, most being blue, but many are also Red and Green, and in some rare cases, purple and orange due to a mutation, so 5 maybe. They have long fleshy tendrils that come from their heads, and these tendrils are often decorated, with the longest showing age and wisdom.

Mothra are the most peaceful of the races, and considered very tranquil and beautiful. Mothra resemble moths, hence their name. No one knows where they originate from, but its speculated that they came from the alpine region, where the oldest Mothra village is. Mothra's have numerous skin and wing varieties, making them the most diverse species. Mothra's do have wings, but they cant fly all too well, mainly resorting to walking or Banshees for travel. The most beautiful species of Mothra considered is the Luna, who live in the mountains. Mothras are very joyful traders, selling their decorative pieces and fabrics with pleasure.