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The Malian Federation of Sanankou
The sunset looks beautiful from Saint-Louis this time of the year.

Bienvenue à Sanankou.

Welcome, dearest reader, to Africa.
I am your most humble narrator, the Curator of this exercise in the cynical expressionism towards the modern nation-state. It is ourintention to provide to you an expansive, intuitive and inviting narrative that seamlessly blends reality with realism, the absurdity of fiction with the folly of truth, and it is our hope that you do enjoy yourself during your observations.

Sanankou claims not to be one with the stars, a great interstellar empire stretching across the ever-encompassing maw of the void sea of space. Nor does it claim to be a major power, one of prestige, influence and heroism made manifest across all corners of our ever-contested globe. It is, quite directly, your most average nation. The unseen cog in the machine of our modern system, of little note to the average citizen of the great powers.

Yet it is not the scale of a situation that determines distinction. The smallest of states may bring upon themselves the greatest of prestige, or the most harrowing of condemnations. There is no grievous danger threatening divine annihilation, nor is there a cause dying for. Yet folk believe and die just the same.

Sanankou is fraught with problems. It is no dystopia - there is no continent spanning imperium to maintain, no ideological combatant to face in war eternal. Yet these are issues not of utopia, either; rampant corruption, the exploitation of the masses, a state on the permanent verge of collapse masquerading behind the masque of deceipt, secrecy, and most importantly under the guise of liberty and freedom. A state of systematic, permanent inequality, a mere puppet of of the true global stories.

But this is not all that determines the fate of a nation. For every count of criminal poverty, there is compassion. There is inequality but it is a tameable beast. The oversight of past colonialism may be in sudden return - the pains of the past and present may be ever present ; but there is none more willing to fight, rage, rage against the coming of the darkening storm - for even in war can love bloom.

And it is our aspiration that we can present just such a story.

Sanankou, set in the permanent idle of 1983, takes great inspiration from such relevant aesthetics, yet presented in an environment little seen. The cars, the lilac and pastel hues may be the same, but drive not down great tarmacked roads in the rain but down an overstretching, sun-kissed track. The voice leaving cryptic messages on your answering machine suggesting you commit heinous acts is still there, but the voice speaks not in Miami English but in a thick French tone.

As a disclaimer, however - Sanankou is far more built upon the foundation of such vague notions of "aesthetic" and personal tastes than being fully entrenched in the arm of historical accuracy. The author is no source of expansive knowledge on the nature of West African, French or post-Colonial history. The true intentions remain not to provide historical accuracy, but historical believability in this "collection of vibes" masquerading as a cohesive nation and narrative.

Neither I, nor the Author, can claim heritage from Sanankou nor its long-forsaken Parisian metropole, so we ask for your most humble forgiveness as we in no doubt proceed to butcher and maim the histories, languages, cultures and values of relevance and display here from Dijon and Bordeaux to Dakar and Bamako.

Please, keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. And, if I may be privy to ask - do enjoy yourself during this presentation.

This entire thing is very, very, WIP. Eventually there will hopefully be actual, tangible content stored here, but for now, everything is very unorganised and impromptu. Even in this period of unwritten delirium however, there still exists some fluff, unsorted and unaligned into the (in fairness, non-existent as of now) factbook categories. Find below assorted lore goodies, random hallucinations related to Sanakou put into writing, assorted quotes and such related tomfoolery.

Sanankou Alpha update 0.16: Finally began work on the characters of Sanankou, primarily the twit in charge. Added some etymology stuff, a picture, and a redone map for the overview page, too.
Update log. 21/06/21

"A union state between the nascent republics of Senegal and Soudan, gently stretching from Dakar to Djenne. Azawad broke off to do its own thing, the Gambians have come over for lunch, and the train to Kayes is fashionably late. Moreso a conglomeration of funky vibes than a cohesive national polity. In some regards an imitative development of the Californian beachfront stretching across the entire sahel, in others of the ruthless capitalism of South Korea. Permanently stuck in 1983." - Me, to give you something to read while I procrastinate actually making anything, around 9:34pm on a crisp Wednesday evening.
Legacy introduction from the Sanankou main page.

The motivated espousal of African Socialism by Interior Minister Modibo Keita even under the conservative presidency of Leopold Senghor & VP Fily Dabo Sissiko yet the lack of the total movement of Sanankou into the Soviet sphere further exasperated the pressures on the US to establish Cold War connections in Africa. In the midst of the then controversial civil rights movement, and the 1966 World Festival of Black Arts, American attempts at garnering influence were stifled by a general mistrust of the States - with Duke Ellington and the socialist Martin Luther King Jr remaining the most common American associations in Sanankou rather than the liberty of White America that was sold in Europe through the Marshall Plan and other related cultural incentives.

As such, due to the perception of Africa as a key theatre in combating communism and the prevalence of domino theory at the time, American influence had to be secured in a more direct way. Under the joint suggestion of Senghor and the Soudanese Mining Magnates, the US adopted a policy not dissimilar to that exhibited in Yugoslavia; providing large sums of both loans and "aid", often marked as "reparations" in an attempt to appease both the African-American minority at home and the Sanankois government abroad.

While completely ineffectual on the home front, only appearing to trivialise race relations in the US, the American investment proved greatly beneficial to the industrialisation of Sanankou. This financial support only increased after the rise of Sankara in then Upper Volta, and would be one of the factors that helped jumpstart the economic "Miracle on the Jeliba River".

Rosemarie Sanyang, 'International Relations & Sanankou 1959-1977', in Dominic Lieven (ed.),
The Cambridge History of Sanankou Vol. II: Post-Colonial Mali (Cambridge 2008), p. 94

"My grandfather may have stood against the great Rhine and its crimson-sown fields, while I stand with my back only against the warm banks of the Jeliba. But he had orders to fire upon his enemy, while I must smile and shake their hand."
Jean-Baptiste Mansaré, 3rd President of Sanankou, on the "Sikasso Clique" a conglomeration of 5 mining
and industrial magnates that holds vast overarching control over the Sanankois political apparatus, 1982

UNIT TYPE: Amount, Name, (Equipment), || Upgrade Options
Sanenkou Colonial Forces
Focus on cheap infantry without much armoured support, with large veterancy boosts though a small HP-pool before levelling. Limited Armour options. Expanded AT Infantry Options. Infantry Attack and Defend focus with defensive structures and vehicle-snare abilities.
UNIT TYPE: Model Count (if applicable), Name, (Equipment), || [Upgrade Options]

T0: Divisional Headquarters
ENG: x4 Sappeurs (Berthier Mle 1907 M16) || [x1 Flamethrowers Kit] [Pioneer Kit]
INF: x5 Tirailleurs (Berthier Mle 1907 M16) || [x3 RSC M1917 / M1 Garand Kit] [x1 Chauchat/FM24/29 Kit]
AT: x5 Charchasseurs (Berthier Mle 1907 M16 + x1 7.9mm M20 p. AT Rifles) || [x2 Bazooka Kit (?) ]

Unlock Explosives Case (Molotovs for Tirailleurs, AT HEAT for ChCheurs

T1: Corps de Support
MG: x4 Hotchkiss HMG (x3 Berthier Mle 1907 M16 + x1 Hotchkiss M1914 MG)
AT: x4 75mm Mle 1897 (x3 Berhier Mle 1907 M16 + x1 Matériel de 75mm Mle 1897)
MT: x4 3" Mortar Team (x3 Berhier Mle 1907 M16 + x1 Lend Lease 3-Inch Mortar)
VHC: Panhard 178 AMD.35 (25mm Cannon + 7mm Machine Gun) (Armoured Car)

Unlock Panhard 178 for Production
Assign Field Hospital to HQ

T2: Corps de Mécanisé
VHC: M5 Half-track Transport (Halftrack Troop Transport) || [Anti-Air Kit]
VHC AA: GMC CCKW 353 (Halftrack AA)
VHC AT: Lorraine 37(75?) L. (Light SPG)

Unlock consutrction of Canon 155C Model 1917 Artillery by Sappeurs

T3: Corps de Char
VHC: Hotchkiss EBR C. (Armoured Car)
VHC:M4A1 Sherman (Medium Tank)
VHC: MRA4 SA50 L. (Medium Tank, AT)


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