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Daily Fox Online - Chinese Pro-Democracy Leaders Speak Out

Chinese Pro-Democracy Leaders Speak Out

As China Cracks Down on Major Protests, Pro-Democracy Advocates Have Begun to Speak Up

Christina Birch | @FoxBirch | 09.06.21

Pro-Democracy Advocates Wei Jingsheng and Xie Wanjun Spoke out this week on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre

As China's police force finally begins to come down hard on the protests that continue to rage on in every major Chinese city, many are now looking back to the protests of 1989 in Tiananmen Square.

Last Friday saw the anniversary of the horrific massacre that ended the 1989 protests. Despite over 30 years having past since that terrible time, the events that occurred are fresh in every mind across the globe, now more than ever due as hundreds have died at the hands of the Chinese police force this past week.

As some protesters begin to give up hope and think about heading home, a rallying cry has rung out from pro-democracy advocates all around the world. Most notably Wei Jingsheng, founder of the Wei Jingsheng Foundation, appeared in Washington D.C. where he gave an inspiring speech of pushing for a China that most Chinese citizens have only ever dreamed of.

Wei was born in 1950 in Beijing, just a year after the Chinese Communist Party founded the People's Republic of China that has stood strong through various regimes all the way to the modern age. Author of the famous 'Fifth Modernization' an essay advocating for the Communist Party to add democracy to their list of modernisations, that was pinned to Beijing protesters' Democracy Wall in the 70s, Wei was raised by members of the Chinese Communist Party and even joined the red army but began to question those who's influence he had grown under when he discovered the role that Mao Zedong had played in the famines. After writing 'the Fifth Modernization' he was sent to prison for 18 years then was imprisoned many more times for various other acts of dissidence. In 1997 US President Bill Clinton requested he be sent to the US, where he has lived ever since.

From the US Wei has continued to speak out against the CCP's actions, founding the Wei Jingsheng Foundation who's mission is to advocate for democracy and improved human rights in the People's Republic.

In his speech on Friday Wei called for the protesters to keep fighting for what they believe in, and to not worry about what the government might do in response, stating 'The Chinese Communist Party is a terrifying thing, but all the power they hold comes from those who bow down before them and bend the knee. I was arrested many times for daring to speak against them, but did I ever give up? Of course not, I continued to push for what I felt was right, for the country I was born in, the country I love, to be free from the chains of this long standing dictatorship, for every man, woman and child who lives upon its hills to live their lives how they deem to be fit! The Communist Party will do everything it can to put you down but you must never give up fighting, for if you continue to pull on the chains they hold around you, eventually their arms will grow tired.'

Leader of the China Democracy Party, Xie Wanjun, who also lives in the United States after fleeing from China in the late 1990s after many years of protesting against its government as well as corrupt governments in other countries, such as Japan, also spoke up this week. He made clear his intent to return to China in the coming months to help with the effort, aiming to bring his political expertise to the aid of the dissenters.

Internally Lei Lifen, a young woman from Hong Kong who has become quite well known since 2019, welcomed Xie with open arms, adding that his expertise would help her to draw as many people together as possible to form a new democratic party for China, with hopes of this party replacing the CCP in time and authorising the country's first free elections in almost a century.

Will these quickly growing voices, finally rising from the dark void of censorship be able to create change in the country that has long been under the CCP's thumb? Or will China be able to hold onto its power through its global network and strong military? Only time will tell.

For more news and updates be sure to check back in with us here at the Daily Fox.

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This is some crazy stuff! Hopefully this is China's 1991.

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Those poor police, just out doing their jobs and now the Daily Faux is slandering them in favour of these pathetic, jobless protesters! The great unwashed are gonna do us all in.

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