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Revelation 105, 1:69, Hallownesia

Hallownesians wrote:Thank you for this post in our RMB, Neu TikToken. This post is a biggest contribution toward our storyline and history of ASEANverse despite a very short sentences. After reading this, I almost confused this post for a sentence from a bible written by the Jesus Christ himself. This post also almost fully changed my life that I felt happiness and grief for the first time in my life. This post is the biggest achievement of mankind and a biggest masterpiece after an invention of a revival machine. This better than everything than humanity have ever read. Maybe this is a passage toward the Vahhala itself, a place of enlightenment provided by Him, the God. Now, we, as human finally discovered our purpose of living. It's not about science and worship but it's about the sacret text provided by our Lord that we finally uncovered.
If we observe the Sacret Text, we can see its true message that it's trying to give us. "Uh" means a confusion of humanity as we have been looking at a wrong thing all along. "Oh" means a realization of humanity that they finally opens their eyes, finally knowing a true purpose of life, the Sacred Post. "Stinky" means a rejection of some humans upon this post. The "Unbeliever" will distance themselves from the Sacred Post because they thought the Sacred Post is not the way of life but their greed and sins.
In conclusion, we must read this Sacred Post despite the Unbelievers trying to distract us from the word of God itself. We must find a way to conserve this greatest post for our future generations to read and finally find enlightenment in their soul.
We shall believe.

Hallownesians wrote:intileshual proptety of sarak plz no sue me