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After a long four years of being on NationStates I have finally decided to make an Overview, so here it is!
(This Nation uses NS stats so some thing like population and GDP update everyday)
The Socialist Republic of Dangine


Motto: Study as a Cog at Sea, Friendship and Peace


The Red box inside the box is where it started
white does not = cold

Population: 5.631 billion

-Density: 450 people per square kilometer

Capital: Kota Bintang

Largest City: New Australia City

Official Language: English

National Language: English, Indonesian, Javanese, Tagalog, Hindi, and Mandarin.

Demonym: Danginean

- President: Indah Měilý
- Vice President: Arief Joko
- Speaker of the House: Chen Wu
- Chief Justice: Harry White

- Upper House: Senate
-Lower House: House of Representatives

Founded: Friday, Nov 2nd, 2018

Land Area: 2.079 million mile▓
Water Area: 145,348 mile▓
Water %: 7%

Highest Point: Volcano Hellsgate (14,000ft)
Lowest Point: Lake Devilsnest (-40ft)

GDP (nominal): 1,244 trillion dangos
GDP (nominal) per capita: 220,481 dangos

Human Development Index (NS Version): 97.61

Currency: Dango

Time Zone: DET and DWT

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: 9003

Internet TLD: .da

The Socialist Republic of Dangine

The Socialist Republic of Dangine commonly called Dangine, is a Socialist Republic that is between Australia, the Indian Ocean, and the Southern Ocean. Its only neighbor is Australia. Dangine covers 2.079 million square miles and has has an estimated population of 5.631 billion. Dangine comprises of 6 states.

Dangine plays a major role in the world as it contain 66% of the world population (5.631/8.5 billion). It is considered to be the most desirable place to live and has the most people in the world. It is also the most technological advanced in the world. Dangine has a the biggest military in the world but they don't use it against other countries, as they are a relatively peaceful nation.. They are a super power alongside the U.S. They get along with most nations except for North Korea and Israel. Dangine has complicated relations with China, the US, and Somalia. Dangines immense role in the world can be proven by then recognizing Somaliland as an actual country in 2019, June 2nd, and other countries followed.


Dangine is named after its founder, Pete Dangine
The standard way to refer to a citizen of Dangineis as a "Dangineian."

Dangine was founded on Friday, Nov 2nd, 2018, when a Rich American 24-year-old Social Democrat named Pete Dangine bought some islands near Australia, started his own nation. He named the nation after his last name. Dangine would grow fast due to it being a very good place to live. He would buy more islands in Jan 12th, 2019, (these are the small islands to the left of the original islands). In 2019, feb 12th, Dangine was having a crisis, they were running out of land but luckily they were already funding a scientist who was researching a way to make big artificial islands quickly, his research came into use. The problem was the area they wanted to make the islands already had islands there that were territories of France, but it was easily solved as they just bought them. Then they started making the islands on feb 21rst and the construction of them was finished on April 6th (these are the white islands on the left on the map). They also made a copy of one of the artificial islands, but made it enormous, and it was constructed on Jun 2nd, 2029 and it's name is New Australia (This is the large white Island to the right on the map).

Socialist Coup of 2019 and Dangines 1rst civil war
On February 9th, 2019, a ex army general named Daewon Jakrii, who was also a Socialist, started a coup with Socialist Revolutionaries and ex military personnel. Daewon Jakrii was a Thai-Korean General who lived in Thailand but moved to Dangine and quickly rose through the ranks in the former Dangine military. When the military was destroyed (the military was abolished due to the Pete Dangine not believing that their was no point in having a military due to the unlikely event of an invasion and do to his and his peoples pacifism) Jakri and other ex military personnel were outraged by the military being fired, they now had no job. Jakri had plans to gain control of Dangine and got ex military personnel and Socialist Revolutionaries to join him. On February 9th he invaded the capital with little residence. Pete Dangine fled the capital and went to the Australian island of Tasmania near Dangine. Jakrii switched the economic system from Capitalism to Socialism. Jakrii also had the governments economy planned by AIs due to him not believing humans could be trusted running the Government. Daewon Jakrii believed humans were naturally greedy and so they could not be trusted running a Socialist system.

On February 11, 2019, Dangines Military dictatorship ended. Daewon Jakrii, the Socialist military dictator, was overthrown by armed citizens, with support of some of the ex military personal who backed stabbed Daewon Jakrii and those that did not join him. Daewon Jakriis Socialist Government only lasted for two days. Pete Dangine became president again and Dangine turnedback under a capitalist and Social Democratic system. On November 27, the Military was reinstated (you will soon seen a lot of things happened in November of that year). It took awhile after the coup for this to happen as people were divided on the issue of Dangine having a military, but an event on November 5th was the last straw.
(The first coup and civil war also happened a few days before Dangine was running out of land.)

Another coup, geronticide, and the 2nd civil war
On November 5th, 2019, two days after Dangine Day (the day Dangine was founded), a radical member, James Wilson of the Social Democrat Party took over the government with the help of his supporters, he thought all old people should die. He got his supporters and other terrible people to go around the country and kill every old person in sight. His rain of terror ended in November 19th, as citizens and ex-military fought against his supporters in a civil war. Wilson was brutally beaten to death. The war lasted 14 days. 150,000,000 of the elderly were murdered, and 20,000 others killed in the civil war. This was the last straw and 8 days later (Nov 27th) the military was reinstated.

Pete Dangine got rid of the military in the first place as they had little enemies and he used diplomacy rather than the military to get his way. Most of his country was very pacifist like him.

Dangine turns Socialist
On November 15th, 2019, James Wilson turned Dangine into a Socialist state to combat the rates of unemplyoment. Pete Dangine was already going to do this so Wilson just followed his plan, and it worked. Dangine is still Socialist to this day and once Pete Dangine got back in power he formed the United Left Workers Party (ULWP), a party made a former SocialDemocrats, Socialist, and Communist. Many members of the left-winged parties joined this party due to the Socialist System being successful and them all wanting to keep it in place.

Compulsory Gun Ownership
In 2019, December 15th, congress passed a law mandating everyone has to own a gun. This was due to fears of Dangine falling under another dictatorship. In 2021, May 24th, the New President Indah Měilý abolished this law as it was unpopular among Dangineans. Speaking of the new president...

Pete Dangine Steps Down
In Mar 7th, 2021, it was revealed that Pete Dangine has not been in charge of the country since December 11th. Pete Dangines vice president Indah Měilý has been in charge. Pete Dangine got Covid and is facing very bad problems mental health problems. On April 1rt he announced that he has step down and Indah Měilý is the new president.

Indah Měilý is a Korean-Indonesian (Indonesian of Korean descent) and is 25 years of age. She has been more militaristic than Pete Dangine has former American military general Danny Casey as one of her closest advisors.


Located between two seas the upper areas of Dangine tend to be warmer and and the lower one colder. The artifcal islands are pretty flat with the founding islands being the most mountainous with its highest being mt./volcano Hellsgate, being 14,000 feet high.

The climate of the North is warm and the climate of the south is cold.

The environment is excellent, they have a lot of forest including rainforest. They even have made artificial forest on the man-made islands. It is considered to be one of the best in the world.


Dangine has a population of 5.636 billion. Dangineans are very diverse and celebrate many different holidays. Most Dangineans know English and they tend to be left-winged. Dangineans tend to be very caring, inclusive, and cheerful and they take mental health very seriously, yet they are also known to be rude and speak their minds openly, but they are more kind than rude. Dangineans are the happiest people in the world. They have the best education system too with Dangineans being very intelligent. Dangineans are also very much informed in politics with voting turn out at 86%, and voting is not compulsory. Dangineans are also the healthiest people. Dangineans enjoy very high civil rights and political freedoms, the most in the world. Even though Dangine has little to no gun restrictions, the vast majority of people don't own guns. Dangines crime rate may be very low but the youth tend to be very rebellious. The majority of Dangineans are employed and act with compliance towards the law. The average lifespan is 93.57, making it the nation with the highest life expectancy in the world. The average income is 220,631.22, average income for the poor is 161,601.09, and the average income for the rich is 290,746.

English is the main language, but Indonesian, Javanese, Tagalog, Hindi, and Mandarin are national languages alongside English. The Official (language spoken in government) is English. Another popular language is Arabic spoken by Muslims and Arabs.

Religion is not that important in Dangine, most people are irreligious. 56% are irreligious, 20% Christian, 15% Muslim, 5% Buddhism, 4% Other. However, 90% of those that are religious aren't devout.

Dangine is 50% Asian, 40% White, 5% Latino, 3% Black, and 2% Other.

6 states in total. Three of the states are named after MLK, and one of them is named after Jean Meslier.
Largest Cities



Metro area population



New Australia City


New Australia






New Java




Dragon City




New Beijing




Kota Bintang




Hope City




Secular City


Jean Meslier


Love City




Mandela City




Dangines government is very big. The Danginean Government Expenditure (government budget) is 433 trillion which is 34.8% of its GDP. Dangines government is set up like the United States. It follows the idea of federalism and the Congress has two houses. The upper house is the Senate and the lower house is the House of Representatives.

Foreign Relations and Military

Dangine has good relations with most countries expect for North Korea and Israel. Dangine does not have diplomatic relations with North Korea due to how insane they are. Dangine doesn't have good relations with Israel due to it recognizing Palestine, being vocal on Israel's abuse on human rights, and it putting sanctions on Israel for their abuse on human rights.

Dangine has the best relations with Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Ireland, the Nordic countries, and Somaliland. They have the closest relations with their neighbor Australia and Somaliland considers Dangine to be their best ally.

They have complicated relations with the U.S, due to some of their polices and the right-winged politicians, but they trade with each other and have other ties. They have complicated relations with China as Dangine has spoken against Chinas authoritarian policies but they also trade a lot too. They have complicated relations with Somalia due to Dangine recognizing Somaliland.

Dangine spends 2.1% of its GDP on internal aid and 5.9% on defense (military). Dangine has the biggest military in the world but is a super power alongside the U.S. Dangine has few military bases outside of Dangine, but they have troops stationed in Somaliland and three bases there. Dangine has more advance technology than other countries, which include advances in the military. These include laser weapons and advanced drones. There is current research being done into human size combat robots. Although Dangine is peaceful, they have nuclear weapons and other WMDs.


Economic Indicators

Rank: 1/196
Currency Dango:
Fiscal Year: April1rst - March 15th

GDP (nominal): 1,244 trillion dangos
GDP (nominal) per capita: 220,481 dangos
Labor Force: 150.679 million
Unemployment: 0.3%

Dangines economy is worth 1, 244 trillion dangos, the most in the world. Its GDP per capita is 220,481 dangos. Dangines economy is state controlled and is socialist. Dangines economy is complex and uses federalism as an influence for its state run economy.


Dangines culture is very diverse. Its main influence is from Southeast Asia, America and Australia, and East Asia. The favorite sport is football (soccer), but rugby, cricket, lacrosse, baseball, and basket ball. Dangine celebrates many different holidays.


Dangine has has a lot buildings, mainly skyscrapers, but also a lot of normal houses too. Dangines largest skyscraper is named "the tower of babel". Built in 2018, May 4th, it was originally going to be 100 meters tall, like the one in the bible, but they wanted beat Burj Khalifas (former largest tower in the world) record, so they made it 900 meters (2,952.76 feet), making it the largest building in the world. Dangine also has a lot bridges, its longest bridge is heavens bridge, being 200 kilometers (124.274 mi), the longest bridge in the world. You can also find a lot Indonesian, Chinese, Indian, European, and Japanese architecture in Dangine.

Dangine is nuclear powered, with most power stations being away from human habitation. Dangine is a environmental friendly nation and disposes nuclear waste by making them into nuclear weapons.

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