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World Assembly Initiative

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[box][align=justify][size=130]If you're new to the game, the concept of the [b]World Assembly[/b] might confuse you, especially since it can affect both nations and regions, but really, all you have to know about the WA is as follows:
[list][*] You can only join the WA if your nation/s are connected to your personal e-mail address
[*] You are allowed to have multiple nations in this game with the same email address, but you can only have [b]one nation be in the World Assembly at any time[/b]. There are harsh punishments from NS mods if you use multiple nations in the WA, even if on different email accounts.
[*] You can join and leave the WA at any time, and it consists of two chambers:
[list][*] The [b]General Assembly[/b] affects nations who have joined the WA, and basically passes legislation that only affects the in-game laws of your nation. This means that if the GA passes a resolution that bans the import of bananas, your nation [i]canonically[/i] cannot import bananas, but does not affect your nation's statistics. This chamber matters to you if you prefer the roleplaying side of the game.
[*] The [b]Security Council[/b] affects both nations and regions and mostly impact gameplay instead of roleplay. They pass resolution that can commend notable nations or regions, condemn infamous nations or regions, or liberate regions by removing passwords imposed on their borders. This chamber matters to you if you prefer the gameplay (regions, raiding/defending, embassies) side of the game[/list]
[*] Every nation in the WA has [b]one vote each[/b] for every resolution that is presented to the chambers.
[*] Every region has a [b]World Assembly Delegate[/b] representing them, and it's always the person who has the most endorsements in that region.
[*] [b]Endorsements[/b] can be given and received by nations in the WA, and more endorsements increase your nation's "influence"
[*] [b]Influence[/b] is a statistic in your nation that basically measures what you can and can't do if you're an officer in a region. It increases gradually over time, and resets if you move to a different region.[/list][/size][/align][/box]

[box][size=200][color=FDE604][b]HOW TO JOIN THE WA and HOW TO ENDORSE[/b][/color][/size]
[size=130][list][align=justify]To join the World Assembly, first make sure you have an email connected to your nation in the [url=/page=settings]settings page[/url]. Next, go to the [url=/page=un]WA page[/url] and click the [font=nationstates][b][  APPLY TO JOIN ][/b][/font] button. Open the email account connected to your nation and read the e-mail sent to you by the World Assembly. Click the link it provides and as long as no other nations you own is in the WA, you're good to go!

To endorse other nations in the WA, open their profiles and scroll to the bottom of the page. There, you will see how many endorsements they currently have and who gave them those endorsements. As long as you're both in the WA and are in the same region, you can click the [font=nationstates][b][  ENDORSE ][/b][/font] button on their profile to give them an endorsement![/align][/list][/size][/box]

[box][size=200][color=FDE604][b]CAD'S WORLD ASSEMBLY DELEGATE: [url=/nation=Oslana]OSLANA[/url][/b][/color][/size]
[size=130][list][align=justify]Like many other regions, the CAD Government appoints the regional WA Delegate and it is our duty as citizens to [b][url=/nation=Oslana][color=black]endorse the WA Delegate[/color][/url][/b]. Right now, our WA Delegate is [nation]Oslana[/nation], who is responsible for representing our interests in the World Assembly. While it is not required, you may vote on resolutions in the WA based on how our Delegate has voted. There may be repercussions if any citizen attempts to take the WA Delegate position if they are not appointed by the Government.[/align][/list][/size][/box]

[box][size=200][color=FDE604][b]WHY THIS MATTERS TO US[/b][/color][/size]
[size=130][list][align=justify]Even if it is not required, it is [b]highly recommended[/b] that you join the World Assembly and endorse [nation]Oslana[/nation], as this ensures that our region is safe, influential, and cooperative. You may endorse fellow citizens who you might like, as well as ask for endorsements, as long as the person with the most endorsements is the appointed Delegate.[/align][/list][/size][/box]