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Get Involved

There are a multitude of ways you can get involved in CAD's community and/or governance, depending on which ways you want to help bring the region to new heights and yourself to higher levels of interest and foster a greater sense of community. Getting involved is optional, and you can start and stop any of them at your own pace, but do know that we highly recommend you try some of the things we have to offer:

    Much of CAD's development projects and day-to-day governance is managed by one of three Directorates, each managed by a Director and all overseen by the Archon. Any Citizen of CAD can volunteer to join any (and maybe even all of) these Directorates through our Civil Services program, where you can contribute to the betterness of the region and meet new people who have the same interests as yours in these Directorates:
    • Directorate of Internal Affairs - this Directorate is mostly concerned with immigration, integration, information, and investigation. If you are a person who likes meeting new people, helping them get acquainted with the region and NationStates in general, keeping sure the community stays safe and comfortable, or writing informative dispatches like this one, then the DoIA is the place for you!

    • Directorate of Regional Events - this Directorate manages many of the cultural activities of the region such as events, celebrations, contests, and most importantly of all - the regional roleplay. If you are a person who likes engaging with the community, has many ideas for events (games, contests, celebrations, etc.), or an avid roleplayer who would want to help keep things running and in order, then the DoRE is your place to be!

    • Directorate of Communications - last but not the least, this Directorate is responsible for the publishing of CAD's regional newspaper, the Citizens Alliance Digest! Additionally, they are also responsible for managing, recording, and distributing much of the government's other miscellaneous publications and media. If you are a person who has a strong interest in journalism, writing, and making sure everyone knows what they need to know, then the DoComms is the best choice for you!

    If you can't decide which one you'd want to help out in, you're more than welcome to join multiple Directorates. Who knows, maybe if you work hard enough with the people around you, you might find yourself leading one of these Directorates in the future! If you want the easiest path to get involved with the region's governance and politics, then consider joining a Directorate by simply Linkjoining our Discord server (where most of the work is done) and contacting the Director of your desired Directorate to ask if you can help around - they'd be more than happy to have another helping hand! If you're not sure who to contact, feel free to ask around the Discord server or check out this list of government officials.

    Not too fond of volunteering? CAD is also proud to have a Regional Roleplay managed by people who are truly passionate about its development. If you'd like to step into a character molded the way you want them to be in a unique world and setting, then consider checking out our Roleplay and see if it interests you! Don't really like the concept of the current setting? Don't worry, because after enough time, you might just see it change to an entirely different roleplay, maybe even one that you can help create with the Directorate of Regional Events!

    One of the easiest and most useful ways you can help out the region of CAD is by joining the World Assembly and endorsing our WA Delegate. If you don't know what that means or how you can do them, don't worry because we have a detailed informative dispatch already prepared for you to learn about the World Assembly.

    Did you know that every citizen in CAD has the opportunity to write legislation that can drastically affect the region? See, the Citizens' Council is our main legislative body, and nearly every citizen can apply to join it, considering a few requirements, of course! If you really want to help mold CAD's future, then consider applying to join the Citizens' Council and help us create, debate, and vote on various pieces of law and leave your mark in our history. More info on how to join, what they do, and what the requirements to join are can be found in yet another detailed informative dispatch we prepared for your convenience!

    Every now and then, the region and Union holds elections for certain government positions, and you might be inclined to participate in some of them, either as simple as a voter or as much as a candidate!
    • In the region of CAD, the Archon election is held on the last weeks of November, March, and July. If you want to shoot your shot at getting the chance to run the region, then this election is the one for you.

    • In the Union of Force (which CAD is a territory of), you can run for the House of Representatives, the Union High Court as a Justice, or maybe even the Prime Minister of the Union.

      • General Elections are held on the first weeks of March, July, and November and elect the Prime Minister, Court Justices, and representatives from the capital, states, and all other territories.

      • Midterm Elections are held on the first weeks of January, May, and September and elect Court Justices and representatives representing the Union-at-large.

      • More details on how these elections are held can be found in the LinkConstitution of the Union of Force.

    If you don't like the sound of any of the above or would like a break from them, we don't blame you, and you're more than welcome to just hang out with us and participate in some of our community events! CAD boasts a kind and comfortable community of people who just like the idea of being with friends and laughing at a joke or two.
    • Our LinkDiscord server is the place to be if you really just want to chill with us and tell us about your day. I'm sure at least one person on there would be more than willing to listen! Alot of the events also happen on there so stay tuned to the announcement channels on there!

    • Our Regional Message Board is another place you might consider dropping in on every now and again, where beyond the roleplay held there, you might find some members of the community who prefer chilling there than on Discord, and watch out on the main region page as well since some events are also announced there.

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