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Newcomer's Guide to the Citizens' Alliance of Democracy

Hello, and welcome to The Citizensí Alliance of Democracy! We are a territory of the Union of Force, a federal union made up of several regions. If you havenít already, we highly recommend you join our LinkDiscord server, as it is the hub of much of our activity, and also join the LinkForce Discord Server to learn more about them and how our glorious and prosperous Union works! All of us here in the Citizensí Alliance of Democracy wish you an enjoyable and productive time here with us!

    The Citizensí Alliance of Democracy was founded on the 2nd of September 2020, and joined the Union of Force on the 14th of October 2020. Prior the joining the Union, the region was in total disarray, with no elective process, nor did it have a meaningful or set governmental system. Following an attack on the old Discord server by malicious individuals - the founder of CAD, Masconvia, entered negotiations with Force which resulted in us joining the Union. This deal resulted in the region you see before you, a flourishing region with its own constitution, government, and representation within the Union!

    For a more detailed dive into our region's full history - you can read all about it here!

    There are a multitude of ways you can get involved in CAD's community and/or governance, depending on which ways you want to help bring the region to new heights and yourself to higher levels of interest and foster a greater sense of community. Getting involved is optional, and you can start and stop any of them at your own pace, but do know that we highly recommend you try some of the things we have to offer:
    • Civil Services - the quickest and easiest way to get involved with the region's governance and development is by joining one of our three Directorates: Internal Affairs, Regional Events, and Communications. To learn more about what each of them do and how you can join them, kindly go to this page and find out more.

    • Roleplay - the Citizensí Alliance of Democracy has its very own RMB (Regional Message Board) roleplay system! We have set out specific rules for how RP is conducted, to prevent situations that could serve to ruin everyone's fun! The details for getting involved with our roleplay can be found here!

    • Elections - in the last weeks of November, March, and July, the region elects its new leaders! These are held at the end of the month to allow for the Union elections, which are held at the beginning of these same months and elect a federal Prime Minister as well as members of the Union's legislature. Within weeks, you could see a total reshuffle of power not only within our region, but within the Union as a whole! For the details on how these elections are conducted, kindly refer to this handy guide.

    • Make Legislaton - the region's legislature, the Citizens' Council, consists of citizens who have met the requirements to join and have applied for the Council, meaning that even you can be a part of the law-making experience! Any citizen of CAD may look into joining the Council and help guide the future of the region through laws and policies the Council creates, debates, and votes on. If you're interested in joining the Council, learn more about it and how to join in this other handy guide.

    There are a few other ways you can get involved, and most of them you can find in much more detail here.

    So, you keep hearing your region-mates mentioning this World Assembly or WA, and must be wondering, what is it? The World Assembly is where the nations within NationStates come together, to vote on resolutions and repeals presented by other nations, on all kinds of matters. It's a fun and interesting way to interact and affect the world of NationStates! It is also important to us as a member of the Union of Force, as the more WA nations we have, the more representation we can gain in the House of Representatives.

    To find out more about the World Assembly, how to join it, why its important, how to endorse others, and much more info about doing your part, we have a handy guide made exactly for you!

    If you already know what you're doing, then please don't forget to endorse West Kronisia!

    Within the Citizensí Alliance of Democracy, there are several branches and positions which make for distinct sections within the government;

    • The Archon - the Archon is the penultimate position of power within CAD, but do not be alarmed! The Archon is kept in check by a system of checks and balances, both within the region, which can be seen in the constitution, and by the Union. The main role of the Archon is to oversee the other branches of government and keep everything in working order. They are elected every 4 months.

    • The Vice-Archon - the second highest-ranking individual within the region is the Vice-Archon. The main role of this position is to advise the Archon on governmental matters, and act in their stead should the Archon be otherwise indisposed, until their return. They also take over should the Archon be impeached, until an election can elect a new Archon. The Vice-Archon is appointed by the Archon.

    • The WA Delegate - the World Assembly Delegate is the regionís main representative within the World Assembly, and is the third in the succession line, should issues with the prior two positions arise. They are picked by the Archon, though the Citizens can motion to have the position removed from an individual, which would require a new candidate to be chosen.

    • The Citizens' Council - the Council, unlike the previous three positions, is made up of every citizen within the region that has maintained their citizenship and has met certain requirements. The Council meets to discuss and vote on bills, laws, and other legislation that affects the region. More info on the Council, what they do, and how to join it can be found in this Guide.

    • The Directors - the Directors are appointed by the Archon and they each manage one of the the three Directorates: Internal Affairs, Regional Events, and Communications. The DoIA manages recruitment, helping newcomers, and maintaining the security of the region. the DoRE focuses on the culture and events of the region, being the head of the regional RP, regional festivals and celebrations. Finally, the DoComms is in charge of the regional newspaper, the Citizens' Alliance Digest, which is released monthly.

    To see who's in what positions, check here. For more details on how each operates and how they're elected or appointed, check the constitution!

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, your dedication is more than appreciated! We hope to see you around the Discord server and the region! Don't forget to join the World Assembly and endorse our Delegate if you're able. Have a safe and wonderful day!

    Written by West Kronisia, with formatting assistance from Caduceo