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The Black Hawks Reserve

Current Reserves Mission
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Greetings Hawks!

It is my pleasure to announce the release and immediate implementation of The Black Hawks Reserve program! This is an exciting initiative that the Council of the Hawks has been working on over the last few months and will improve our performance on raids as well as increase the ways that you can contribute to our region!

Sounds interesting, tell me more!

The Reserve Program is designed to reward members of our region who quickly and consistently respond to piling orders. Members score Reserve Points depending on how quickly they follow the posted orders. These points alongside regional activity are used to determine your Reservist Rank!

New ranks?

Yes indeed! Reservists will be granted the ranks of Reservist and Primary Reservist. Primary Reservist is a rank obtainable to those who are active in either the discord and/or rmb communities and pile quickly often, supplying much-needed support to our operations. Primary Reservists will also be given the privilege of access to our nest on discord, where they will be able to further interact with the community they are a part of! Reservists who pile fast and often will be justly rewarded! You also will get to fly exclusive flags designed for the reserve program!

New Flags?

You betcha! All reservists will get to fly special Reserve flags that show their status as a member of our decorated Reserves program! Primary Reservists also get their own special flag that only they can fly, as an honor to their dedication! You can see the flags by clicking the spoiler below!

The Reservist Flag

The Primary Reservist Flag

New Banners?

That's right! We have created new banners so reservists can flex their ranks! Additionally, we have added a star system to the Primary Reserves. Primary Reservists can now earn additional stars and banners depending on how many missions they have gone on! Those banners can be found below!


Primary Reservist, 1 Star

Primary Reservist, 2 Stars

Primary Reservist, 3 Stars

Primary Reservist, 4 Stars

Primary Reservist, 5 Stars

President Of The Reserves

So who can take part?

Anyone with a nation in The Black Hawks and is currently not an active updating member is eligible for the Reserves. This includes members who are in training or receive the rank of Private! Additionally, formerly active members are more than welcome to join the reserves but will have the collection of Reserve Points frozen if they ever reactivate.

How will this be tracked and collected?

On every operation where we send out regionwide piling orders, we will link a form with which to fill in your piling nation name and nation in The Black Hawks. You won't be able to miss it!

You've sold me! So how do I get started?

Great! To get started, simply fill in this -->Linkform.<-- Your nation name will be tracked in a separate Reserve Program Dispatch with your rank and a cool emblem to link in forum signatures, dispatches or factbooks!

If you have any further questions or issues, please feel free to get in touch with Drexlore!