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The Daarwyrthian Diplomatic Programme

The Diplomatic Programme of the Royal State of Daarwyrth

The Royal State of Daarwyrth maintains a diplomatic programme that encompasses the nation's international relations and connections with other countries. Due to the highly inwardly-turned nature of the Daarwyrthian state, it is very selective with which nations it opens diplomatic channels, and which countries will have the privilege of becoming one of Daarwyrth's formal allies. The Royal State is not hostile or aggressive in its international conduct, yet will fiercely defend its sovereignty, independence, and way of life when it feels either of those are threatened.

In contrast, Daarwyrth's stance on economic relations is much more open and less restrictive. While it exercises significant caution and measures of safety, the Royal State keenly maintains trade relations with nations from the international community, and it is widely considered the best step to securing enough trust from the Daarwyrthian state for further diplomatic relations. The nation is willing to be lenient and patient in the fulfilment of obligations in trade relations, yet if patience has ran out the state is known to be rather unforgiving, and will cut all economic ties with a nation permanently. Honesty, appropriate conduct and punctuality are after all highly prized and valued by the Daarwyrthians.

In a few, rare occasions the Royal State of Daarwyrth has been known to reach out to other nations to open formal diplomatic ties with them, yet in most cases it will wait for such requests and judge their merit when they are filed through the appropriate diplomatic channels. It is much more common to see the Daarwyrthian state send out delegations to establish and secure trade relations with other nations.

The Rubert I Boulevard in Daarsted has been designated as the city's diplomatic district wherein all foreign embassies are to be located. The boulevard is known for its pleasant greenness, sophistication and stylish architecture. In turn, all consulate generals can be established by foreign diplomatic delegations in any of the major cities of Daarwyrth, with the exclusion of the capital.

All inquiries and requests, either formal or informal, regarding formal alliances, embassies and general consulates are to be sent to the office of the Under-Secretary for Diplomatic Relations of the Royal State, while those regarding trade relations are to be forwarded to the office of the Under-Secretary for Trade Relations of the Royal State.


Ministerial function

Dame Merynda Weyse

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Royal State

Saskya de Molyn

Under-Secretary for Diplomatic and Trade Relations of the Royal State

(OOC: To enter with Daarwyrth into a formal alliance, to open an embassy or consulate general, or to initiate trade relations, please send me an in-character telegram explaining why your nation seeks to establish such relations with Daarwyrth, and any further negotiations will occur via that line of communication onward.)

Formal alliances


  • Adezku

  • Nation of ecologists

Consulate generals

Trade relations