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Rédűt Šúráya

The Shurayu government is a constitutional republic, designed by the immortal genius of ATRAḪASÍS, whose unprecedented and perfect form of governance has stood strong and unchanging for ten-thousand years. It consists of five-branches, the headquarters of which are all located in the capital, Ál-Bélúti-Šúráya.

The Ékallum is the federal branch, it's role is to enforce the law. It is led by the Šar, elected by popular vote, who serves as the head of government for a single term of twenty-years alongside their two juniors, the Ša-Šuméli and the Ša-Imitti. It’s headquarters is located at the Dašarum-Lá-Šanán.

The Bélútam is the legislative branch, which is tricameral and composed of the Elipuḫrum, the Šaplítipuḫrum, and the Maššuḫipuḫrum, each populated by ten-thousand Málikú led by a Kingallu. It's role is to make laws, approve treaties, declare war, and allocate funds. It’s headquarters is located at the Bét-Bélútam.

The Kisalbarakku is the judicial branch, it's role is to interpret the constitution, interpret and review laws, and settle disputes. It is led by the Sartennum and it’s headquarters is located at the Išartam.

The Dín is the examination branch, it's role is to determine the qualification of public servants. It is led by the Diqugallu and it's headquarters is located at the Bét-Šipṭi.

The Arnum is the auditory branch, it's role is to monitor the other branches, review government performance, and act as political ombudsman. It is populated by the Ḫá'iṭánú, a group of elite and secretive warriors who are charged to constantly monitor the actions of government officials of all levels. It is led by the Abaralaputtű and it’s headquarters is the located at the Saḫar-Lím-Lími-Énu.

In recent times, the government has largely forgotten it’s place, with all branches of government rife with corruption, as civil servants and politicians with their shimmering robes and stony countenances all claim to be devout followers of the ŠIPÁR ATRAḪASÍSI while in the next breath accept bribes and work alongside criminals, sullying the legacy of countless generations of honest and decent governance.

ATRAḪASÍS - The man who freed the Shurayu and founded Shuraya, creator of Atrahasianism

Ál-Bélúti-Šúráya - The Capital of Shuraya, and the city the nation's name bears

Ša-Šuméli - The Left Hand, one of the two seconds-in-command of the Šar

Ša-Imitti - The Right Hand, one of the two seconds-in-command of the Šar

Dašarum-Lá-Šanán - The-Palace-Without-Rival, headquarters of the Ékallum and residence of the Šar

Elipuḫrum - The Lower Council

Šaplítipuḫrum - The Middle Council

Maššuḫipuḫrum - The High Council

Málikú - Councilors, legislators in the Bélútam

Kingallu - Council Leader, Leader of one of the Councils of the Bélútam

Bét-Bélútam - House of Legislature, headquarters of the Bélútam

Sartennum - Chief Judge, Leader of the Kisalbarakku

Išartam - Place of Justice, headquarters of the Kisalbarakku

Diqugallu - High Examiner, Leader of the Dín

Bét-Šipṭi - House of Judgement, headquarters of the Dín

Ḫá'iṭánú - Auditors, Agents of the Arnum

Abaralaputtű - First Auditor, Leader of the Arnum

Saḫar-Lím-Lími-Énu - Tower of a Million Eyes, headquarters of the Arnum

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