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Etymology (Outdated)


The modern Asiad word Wadloven (Asiad: Waldoven) developed, via Middle Asiad, from an Old Asiad noun most often spelt Nahdcovei. It has cognates in most Ukit languages. Waldoven's ancestral root has been reconstructed as Dawcovi. In its earliest attestation, the word Nahdcovei was already being used to translate the many senses of the ancient Sharv "NaoEi", which was at the time meant to refer to all of God's creations, such as Torans, land, sea, animals, and the Toran world itself. All Ukit languages seem to have adapted it to only mean the world itself. Together with Sharven "NaoEi", Waldoven may have been a personified god in old Ukit animism. Shrines that had the word written on it seem to support this theory.

However, this theory (often called the Sharven Origin theory) is still a controversial subject. There are some doubts as to how a single word could barely change its spelling over 49,000 years. Furthermore, there have been gaps in the record due to the great fire of 1915, which destroyed many historical artefacts. Also, one large hole in the theory was that the Sharven Empire was located in the northern lands of Mak, with no evidence supporting colonization, trade. or even attempts at the exploration of the Ukits. This is highly likely due to most, if not all, Makian religions perceiving the land as "the devil's regime". Nevertheless, no other links can be found, with archaeologists still searching the globe for more information. Still, it remains to be seen whether the Sharven Origin theory can stand the test of time. For now, the Sharven Origin theory has been accepted, although begrudgingly, by most linguists.

First Uses As A Federation

The first documented evidence of the phrase "United Federation of Waldoven" dates to 4 Naosfg, 1958 letter written by Smoas Fishfg, at the time president of Kratia Lok, to Olst Dofta, his brother. Smoas expressed his wish for a "United Federation of Waldoven. The Arecibo message truly proved to me that in the modern era, Waldoven should let go of primitive wars and dictatorships, be united in the common interests of Torans. Just, happy. I don't want the war to happen to you as it did to father. I don't want it to happen to the children. I can't do that to my people. To all Torans." The first known public mention of the phrase "United Federation of Waldoven" was in a historic speech made in the United Nations of Waldoven assembly by Smoas Fishfg in 1 Lemda, 1964.


The adjective "Toran" is commonly used to refer to matters relating to Waldoven and is used in law to refer to Toran citizenship and matters to do with nationality. People of Waldoven use a number of different terms to describe their national identity and may identify themselves as a demonym of one of the states of Waldoven, or as having a combination of different national identities. The official designation for a citizen of Waldoven is "Toran citizen". Many have suggested a change to this rule, however. If Waldoven is to ever come across and meet face to face with other aliens, it would be necessary to not come across as Toran-centric.