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Flanderlion's Game Wishlist

[b]Global chat[/b]
Essentially an association, or RMB that every player in NS has access to. Possibly a help and recruitment one if necessary, but for now just global. Provides a near instant response to players, which RMBs aren't as active with.

Master accounts where all my nations are controlled by a single account. Others shouldn't be able to see my list of nations though.

[b]Allow TGs to be sent via API using stamps instead of time[/b]
For better filtering etc. allow TGs to be targetted using the API, and pay using stamps, so that I can TG people without relying on NS's filters. For things like 'executive members of all the Embassy's embassy partners' there was no real way for me to do this in a quick fashion, as API TGs/manual would take far too long. But also would allow regions to recruit based on a nations issue choice etc. and be more personalised while being able to send out more than 1 TG a minute.

[b]Decouple issues from cards[/b]
Stop generating card packs from answering issues, and switch pack generation to choosing nations on the 2021 April Fools feature. This will reduce the puppet numbers that are destroying parts of the game, as it removes most of the need to have puppets. Players will only need puppets for cards for the extra deck capacity, and not hundreds/thousands. Additionally, cards themselves will be improved as S3 will otherwise be ruined by the large number of puppets.

[b]Proposal reordering via WA SecGen[/b]
Proposal reordering and elections at a regular rate are the two must have's with it. The other stuff in the thread has merits but that's not on my must have list. Sedge has a good more recent thread on this.

[b]Industries rework[/b]
Rework industries/sectors to work better/more relevant/more industries etc.

[b]Issues based on census ranks[/b]
Certain issues triggered by being in the top/bottom of a stat. Or issues triggered by high tourism and welfare confronting you with things like whether the welfare system should pay for everyone.

[b]More stats/census[/b]
Adding more stats/censuses - more stats = good

[b]More stat visibility (remove the 0.05% if you choose)[/b]
Essentially for nations with extreme stats you can't view changes apart from via the API at some levels.

Allow regions to annex one another, allowing a governor nation to maintain delegacy/executive authority without endorsements/any nation to be WA. Primarily for GP and changing R/D goals to be region building rather than destruction.

[b]Increase influence costs of all actions[/b]
Again about making region destruction harder, so the aim is to take over rather than remove all and refound a region with the same name.

[b]Inverse census's[/b]
I want an exclusivity census to give me a badge for my very low inclusivity stat etc.

[b]Regional WA nation census[/b]
Census that counts the number of WAs in a region

[b]List of nations your nation is endorsing/isn't endorsing in the region[/b]
Feature from NS++, but IC my nation should be able to know what nations it endorsed. Also the nations not endorsing as well if possible.

[b]Nation spawning changes (UCRs), Venters etc.[/b]
Multiple already existing threads.

[b]Larger daily dumps with more info in them[/b]
Could be less frequent but want more info like census ranks and the like.

[b]Pay to have a greater API requests per second[/b] 
Title, either stamps or something else, as sometimes the ratelimit isn't enough, but also the site should be compensated if it has more using it.

[b]Change nation name reuse policy[/b]
I don't think this should be a priority. At some distant point the reuse policy should be updated:

Instead of 5 years under X population, it should be 5 + number of billion population years. So if I have a 1 billion pop nation that CTEs, someone can refound it 6 years later, but if I had a 20 billion pop nation it should be 25 years later. Essentially it's approximately 5 years + double the time the nation has been alive.

[b]Issue history/stats[/b]
Show what issues options I picked in the past and show the percentages that other nations picked options on issues (something that has to be deliberately opened)

[b]Increase issue inbox capacity to 10[/b]
Increase issue inbox capacity to 10 to account for RL better, as the site didn't keep up with the issue rate increased. Have been several requests for this prior.

[b]Change recruitment based on merit and increase stamp costs (and API TG time)[/b]
Track, and change cost per TG in stamps/API TG between sends based on how well a region does. Good regions that send good messages, and the nations click them, move, join the WA and stick around should be rewarded, while those that are worse than average in these should pay more.
Base rate * ((0.25 x rate of opening TG/average rate of opening TG)+(0.25 x rate of moving/average rate of moving) + ( 0.25 x rate of joining WA/average rate of joining WA) + (0.25 x existing in 60 days / average rate of existing over 60 days)

[b]Period of time where only manual TGs arrive[/b]
Short window that all other TGs wait for, so nations will be left with only the welcome to NS TG and TGs a real player has manually sent arrive (probably 60 seconds or so)

[b]Visible when a region will update, not just when it last did (Estimated update times)[/b]
Believe this might have already been started, but doesn't seem to be going anywhere at present.

[b]Better tutorials[/b]
Game should explain to players how it works a bit better. FAQ but modernised.

[b]Change TRRs tag from sinker to catcher[/b]
TRRs function is very different to the other regions with a Sinker tag, and Reppy suggested Catcher a while ago.

[b]GCR tag[/b]
Tag that lists all GCRs to allow easier comparisons of them, rather than having to select 10 different tags to view them all.

[b]Residency only updating at update[/b]
Currently it updates on move, and it ruins the streak of many unsuspecting people who move out for a second.

[b]Onsiting various offsite functions - e.g. private RMB etc.[/b]
Game should be aiming to have most game functions/play on the site, and under its eye, rather than offsite. Too many moderation/security risks happen offsite, so the game should be promoting/providing options for players to do everything onsite.

[b]Better group TGs[/b]
Turn group TGs into a chat where you can see each message in the chat, like other messaging services. Can be justified IC as an intern laying the TGs out on a table in order. Right now it's very complicated and annoying to use chats.

[b]Save all TGs, and PMG allows you to see the old ones[/b]
Title, save the list of who has access to the TGs, and save a list of TGs that they user can view. Once they purchase PMG they can see all the TGs that they have access to and they can sort them as desired.

[b]Ability to offload WA power (or GA/SC vote) to WA officers[/b]
Allow delegates of larger regions to let the WA officers vote in the WA, many have little interest, so the power should be able to be delegated to those who are interested.

[b]Make the game more Australian centric rather than US centric[/b]
This is more personal, but the game is Aussie, so should embrace rather than hosting/using US TZs etc. Should be a 'proudly Australian' game.

[b]More game stats for N day (and Z day)[/b] 
Such as missiles fired, missiles blocked etc. - there are far less stats than the actions that happen.

[b]Handle puppets for events better[/b]
Both performance, and reducing the advantages that having lots of puppets have. Can be via accounts or however you want.

[b]Performance/bug fixes[/b]
Self explanatory. 

[b]Add causes of death census[/b]
I should be able to brag about my disappearance ratio by saying I'm the 45th in the world etc.

[b]Stop flags from obscuring parts of the trend graph[/b]
This might've been fixed now, but is still obscuring the most recent data of the graph at present.

[b]Pay to go over the factbook limit[/b]
People sometimes want to have more factbooks. Costs more to host them, but they should be able to if they want.

[b]Downloadable Historic Activity Logs[/b]
Save activity logs longer than a week (could be in a dump)

Make world activity logs downloadable in a dump (be it daily or hourly dependent on space)

Combined these two into one thing, but instead of having to download a gazillion requests worth of data, save it all, turn it into a file, and just send it out and let players sort through the data.

[b]Activity log bug fixing[/b]
Lots of weird glitches that pop up infrequently on it, or are omitted when they shouldn't be.

[b]Delegate race conditions bug fixing[/b]
Issue when nations arrive at the same time. Sometimes doesn't update the region etc.

[b]Other bug fixes[/b]
Already mentioned this with performance, but deserves a second mention. NS is decent with this, but it's not perfect.

[b]Forum rework/fixing/integration in game[/b]
Forums are outdated, and should be updated to modern standards as much as I love them/are used to them. Also I should be able to have notices in game for forum stuff.

[b]A little bit of love towards challenges[/b] 
A new census for it, rankings expire over time etc. so leaderboards aren't static.

[b]GHR history[/b]
We get a reply without having a clue what the message we sent was. Is obviously viewable to mods, but for players it isn't, so we don't know what we sent. Fine for when you send one thing and you get a quick response, but sometimes GHRs for more complex things take longer time periods, or you are sending in several GHRs about unrelated things that are answered at the same time.

[b]Love towards newspaper headlines[/b]
Cool thing, just feel like they could be explored a bit more and possibly some even become issue specific.

[b]Add a default banner to regions[/b]
Title but the grey space isn't perfect.

Embassies between nations, like a friend list. Drives more player to player interaction rather than region to region interaction.

[b]Safer nation handing off to other players[/b]
Title, so as part of accounts, allowing players to transfer nations safely/in an approved manner from player to player (without letting the other player see the old email/password etc.)

[b]Add more than just world average trends[/b]
Add more trend lines to the census graphs, such as world top 10% etc. over time.

[b]Save world rankings for censuses over time[/b]
The data is saved, but the ranking isn't and there isn't an easy way to recreate the data unless you saved every existant nation at that point of times census value, and recalculated the ranking from that. And you'd need to repeat that for every day of the time period you wanted to look over.

[b]Add denarius to the list of default currencies for the game[/b]
Denarius is a cool currency, it should be a possible default like dollars, credits etc.

[b]Add regional currency[/b]
Let your region decide a regional currency.

[b]Change warzone update times to be guaranteed to be at the start and end of update (50/50 split)[/b]
Makes them more R/D relevant and adds more interest into where a region stores their R/D puppets as if they don't have control of the warzone, they can find all their puppets in TRR just before TRR updates, leaving all those nations useless for that update.

[b]Embassy hoarder/embassy friendly tag[/b]
Tags to show who collect embassies, and who don't mind embassies.

[b]Notification when someone who endorses you CTEs/resigns from WA[/b]
Might be spammy if CTEs, but should be optional. You get a notification if they withdraw an endorsement, but if they CTE or leave the WA, you've lost the endorsement but you don't get a notification.

[b]RMB backup/region history backup[/b] 
Treating regions as a continuance of the old one rather than a new one, or if not, at least a downloadable version of both of these that last for a few updates longer than the region.

Also a dump of the entire RMB history, so you can download the whole RMB without 50 million requests.
Old thread:

[b]Smarter issues[/b] 
Store/use more variables so less things where you ban something and it mentions it in another issue etc. It breaks immersion when it says X arrived in a car when you banned cars a week ago. Most is issue editors, but some things aren't tracked. So it's more adding more policies etc.

[b]Disassociate nation names and accounts, same with regions[/b]

[b]Dispatch default templates/better tutorials with dispatches[/b]
Lower the barriers of making a good quality dispatch.

[b]Hide all bar region and region delegate vote for the first 24 hours in WA votes[/b]
Possibly make SecGen visible as well. Reduce the lemming effect, while still allowing players to be in sync with their region.

[b]Split WA voting from endorsements/regional delegacy etc.[/b]
So players can join the Sovereign Assembly instead which does the same thing (endorse like normal) but they can't vote in the WA. Players at present won't join the WA as they don't like the idea of the resolutions, but they miss out on the features.

[b]2nd Catcher[/b]
Potentially add a new region that you can only enter via being ejected from TRR. You can leave like normal.

[b]Better welcome to NS TG[/b]
The game has evolved, the welcome to NS one should as well.

[b]TG Search[/b]
Searchable TGs/easier to view covo's with a user.

[b]Ability to buy more card deck space from NS Store[/b]
Or with stamps as that'd be easier to refund if something goes wrong. Cards take up server space, but some players don't want to grind out a lot of bank to spend on upgrades, or use 20 puppets to store their cards, so allowing them to compensate for the server costs, while allowing their deck limit to grow to what they want it to be would be ideal.

[b]Cards Season 3[/b]
Self explanatory, but decoupling from issues should probably happen first, as the entire season will be filled with card puppets at present.

[b]Regional maps/support for maps[/b]
Allow regions to have a regional map. Possibly also allow border moving on it, but that might be a bit too optimistic.

[b]Remove downvotes on dispatches[/b]
Downvotes generally aren't used for anything bar hiding dispatches. If someone disagrees with something, they should argue against it.

[b]Turn WA resolution TGs into notices[/b]
Often complained about, and there is no way to block them without removing all WA TGs. Unsubscribeable notices would be ideal.

[b]Prevent nations who have not answered an issue from being #1= in a stat[/b]
Currently, nations who answer starter questions in a specific way can become #1st= for authoritarianism, and possibly other stats (haven't checked). I don't think the starter questions should be so influential that they put a nation at the top of a stat.

[b]Population a factor in stats[/b]
For certain stats, e.g. authoritarianism, all nations that answered the default questions in the same way, then no issues at all, all share the same stat value. Population should be a tiny factor (like 0.01 per million or something) that is essentially unnoticeable unless 2 nations with different populations and essentially the same stats are next to one another. Having 100 way ties, whether at the front of a census, or buried in the middle isn't ideal.

[b]Official NS Discord[/b]
With now large proportions of NS mods/NS staff using Discord (and I believe the mod chat has moved there from IRC but not 100% on that), NS should have an official discord. Mainly as a way to gain organic advertising from Discord, having a place to post minor changes/get wider feedback from players without doing a newspost. Tech forum, as much as I'm an active user of it doesn't really have the same reach and doesn't get the critical mass of opinions/ideas for stuff that is important.

[b]Post more news posts/let changes be known more widely[/b]
Not every change is worthy of a news post, but more news posts just updating would be nice, and the ones not deemed worthy could be on a Discord (if that happens) or even just dispatches. A post from Testlandia would organically reach the top of dispatches.

[b]Z Day: Remove borders after the first 6 hours when regions either have a negative Z rating or double the survivors to infected ratio[/b] 
As title says. Rationalise it as 'the WA has approved refugee helicopter nations to your region' or something of the sort. Everything has to have a NS lore reason.

[b]Z Day: TZES Gov[/b]
Allow TZES's at the invasion (or possibly even a lower level than that) change horde nations to exterminate government type.