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WA Office | Repeal "Protecting Native Prairies and Grasslands"


The proposal at-vote, “Repeal: ‘Protecting Native Prairies and Grasslands’” has the aim of repealing an extent piece of legislation, one which attempted to protect the prairie and grassland ecosystems across member states. While that resolution’s goal was commendable and the legislation was effective in achieving its legislative goals, this repeal argues that there were negative effects and lacks of consideration which prevented the revolution from being fully successful.

The repeal has four arguments to present. The first and second both tackle the past resolution’s failure to properly consider the variety of biomes across member states. In the first repeal argument, it is pointed out that member states where the dominant biome is prairie or grassland will be severely economically disadvantaged; in the second, the fact that there is no consideration for environments in which such grasses would be invasive is mentioned. Clause 3 focuses on the superfluous nature of the target resolution as well as the excessive bureaucracy such duplicative legislative efforts entail, while clause 4 highlights the strangeness of the decision to focus only on one biome type when countless others are equally as valuable.

Overall, the repeal’s four arguments are all successful in arguing their point, and, together, make a very effective case against the target resolution. In light of this, this Office recommends a vote FOR the repeal at-vote, in order to remove an unnecessary and one-size-fits-all resolution from the books.

Primary author(s): Kenmoria.

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