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Daily News of The Communist Bloc - May 31st, 2021

Good morning/afternoon/evening!

Give a warm welcome to our newest comrades: Ohpistan, Great czechia, Ginarcerberchou, Castelland, News orn, Zishenxhl, United communist anarchic republics, Moucret, Kaljukla, South American People, Sagatan, Yoongi, Abolis, Japixese empire, and Qeka

Here is today's news:

Executive Affairs

  • The third round of the Chess Tournament has been announced. Here are the matchups:

    Wඞsc vs Karl Kuznetsov von Habsburg
    Martyn Sealgaėr Kiryu VS Trabardia Kuznetsov
    WhoAmIToDisagree VS Ant Kuznetsov
    Kolya VS Socialist Heronia
    Kඞvඞ Dඞrkstඞr [TLA] VS Vor

  • The TCB Card Factory is open and churning out cards! This program includes regional giveaways, a regional art museum, card requests, and of course, shiny 1% International Artwork badges. TCBs Card Factory is asking for a team of volunteers to help operate card farms to ensure a steady supply of cards are being printed. Think you can help? Sign up today.

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Information are recruiting volunteers. Sign up here:

Legislative Affairs


  • The Admin Council has just announced that we are moving forums. In the announcement, you can read about why it is imperative that we move, and what our options are. Read the post carefully and discuss. After we have had some discussion and debate the decision will be put to vote. This is a very important decision, so make sure to clear up any questions or concerns you may have on the forum post itself or the People's Assembly channel in the Regional Discord.

    Read the announcement here:

  • A music night is being held in our regional Discord Wednesday night at 19:00 GMT/UTC (12:00 PST/14:00 CST/15:00 EST/21:00 CET). We are also holding a joint game night with TLA this weekend, so make sure to join the Discord to catch the fun!

  • Check out the Law Archive! It is an easy way to navigate and keep track of all our laws. This document is updated as new laws get passed.

  • Want some endorsements? Run the Revolutionary Endorsement Program! It's simple and doesn't take very much time. Endorse comrades, get endorsed back.

While run by the Ministry of Information, the Daily News does not necessarily reflect the stance of the current administration. Please contact the Minister of Information Pajonia on NationStates or Ant(Pajonia) in the Regional Discord for any corrections, suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns.

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