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Statement Regarding Recent Events in the Union of Force

Statement Regarding Recent Events in the Union of Force

Recently, it came to the attention of the inter-regional community that the Union of Force (henceforth referred to as Force) intercepted the native refounding of The Socialist Syndicalist Union (henceforth referred to as TSSU) and asked TSSU to hold a referendum on the question of whether or not to join Force. Shortly thereafter, a joint statement was released by the United Regions Alliance, The West Pacific, The North Pacific and The Pacific condemning the action and demanding the return of the founder account to the natives of TSSU. It is our understanding that Force initially doubled down, then backtracked remarkably quickly and complied with the demands.

What ensued in the aftermath was a profoundly bizarre diplomatic reaction from Force, involving the Deputy Prime Minister claiming that the interception was merely "fun and games"; extreme disunity amongst the Union of Force's government, with the Minister of Foreign Affairs saying they were "not involved in the Force Side of this at all" even seeming to be a native of TSSU themselves; attempts to use the Prime Minister's out-of-character mental health as a shield from in-character criticism; and the change in narrative claiming that the refound was done with anti-fascist intent.

Compounding an already-dire set of circumstances is the list of regions with whom Force associates. Upon looking at their on-site embassy list, one may find regions such as the Confederacy of Layem, the Institute of Cellulose, the New Western Empire, and Enadia - though the final embassy is being withdrawn by Enadia in light of these events. Thaecia finds these regions most unsavoury and we have often found ourselves questioning the decision to maintain these relationships - concerns which have been raised and ignored by Force during the tenures of previous administrations.

Whilst Thaecia and Force's diplomatic relationship today is solely represented by a shared on-site embassy, it is incumbent upon the Thaecian government to respond to these developments. As an independent region with a strong interest in anti-griefing, it is unequivocally clear that the interception of the native refound on behalf of Force does not align with our values on Raiding/Defending gameplay. We condemn this interception in the strongest possible terms and regret that Force lacked the foresight to anticipate such backlash.

We find Force's response most unsatisfactory, highly disorganised, inconsistent, and disunited: whilst we empathise with anyone suffering from mental health issues, using such inherently out-of-character health concerns as a shield from in-character criticisms sets a bad precedent and is highly inappropriate. The union's reaction ought to have been clear, concise and united but instead, the inter-regional community is left piecing together a confusing and perplexing narrative given by multiple different members of the government.

Furthermore, Force's Minister of Foreign Affairs' conduct is considered incredibly bizarre by the Thaecian government, and we question how such behaviour is permitted when it so evidently vastly undermined the region's position. We request that Force explain who was informed of what in this timeline and why such a remarkably disorganised response was given in defence.

In terms of punitive action, it has been decided that all embassies between Thaecia and the regions of the Union of Force will be ordered to close effective immediately.

These unfolding events are deeply unfortunate, and it is with a profound disappointment and dismay that the government takes these steps. However, we believe it is necessary to protect Thaecian interests and to ensure that the Union of Force reflects upon its conduct, makes the appropriate amends, and returns from this diplomatic crisis a stronger and better union of regions.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thaecia

The Islamic Country of Honour
Prime Minister of Thaecia

President & WA Delegate of Thaecia

And the diplomats of Thaecia's Foreign Affairs Council