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Preliminary Remarks

Roleplaying is a collaborative activity aspiring to provide the maximum amount of fun and satisfaction to a maximum amount of people. The objective of safeguarding community welfare and an engaging and amusing roleplay environment for all necessitates the establishment of rules and limitations to some individual or collective actions. The following rules shall constitute guidelines for the Department of Culture to administer the regional roleplay environment in accordance with the overarching objective of forging an intricate, respectful, high-quality, compassionate, fair, and pleasant roleplay community for all, fostering the creativity and ingenuity of every roleplayer.

Unlike some other roleplay communities, you will not find in these rules any hard caps on certain stats, size limits, or maximum populations. Neither will you find compulsory mathematical formulae to calculate your GDP, military size, or any other aspect of your nation. In Atlanticana priority is given to players' creativity insofar as they represent a logical extrapolation of reasonable situations. Players' headcanons must be probable and realistic, and their effects must be sufficiently accounted for. Geographically large nations will be a challenge to the maintenance of stable governance, and a massive military will be a strain on the nation's economy, social fabric, and political stability. Flexibility is championed, within the bounds of realism. To aid players, the rules will feature some benchmark figures, and guides and other advice will be featured.

Determination of the adequacy of players' adaptation to these rules, as well as any litigation on the content and meaning of the rules, lies with the Department of Culture.

In all cases address any question, doubt, or feedback to San Pera.

Player Sovereignty

Players control their nations and by extension any character bearing their nationality, and any event happening within their nation that might affect them. This rule works both ways: it guarantees you the sovereignty to play your characters as you wish, define your foreign policy, landscapes, cultures, politics and more. It conversely protects this right for other players from encroachment. As a consequence of this rule:

🌸 Warfare is strictly consensual. Wars between nations must garner the consent of every participant, and the outcomes, scenarios, and battles must have the agreement of every belligerent. No nation may be forced into a war, or forced to continue a war they previously consented to if they elect to withdraw their consent (insofar as they accepted the previously agreed and acted consequences). No nation may annex or occupy portions of another nation without their consent. If you cannot agree on the details of a war with a player, you have no business RP'ing militarily with them.

🌸 Players control their characters and settings. It is forbidden to take control of another player's character, kill or severely maim them, or otherwise make them accomplish certain acts or say certain things. Similarly, you may not destroy other players' cities or settings, or otherwise, impart irreversible change onto them without their explicit consent.

🌸 Players control their national policies and events. Think of it as the macro-version of the above rule, for nations. You may not take foreign or domestic policy decisions for other nations, commit them to alliances or treaties without their accord, or export any event or natural disaster beyond your own borders without the accord of players who would be affected.


Technology is an indicator of your nations' access to scientific innovations. The main roleplay line is set in the post-modern era, meaning that the range of available technologies is roughly equivalent to the range of available technologies IRL in 2042 CE.

🌸 Modern and Slightly Post-Modern technologies need not be developed. There is no need for you to develop firearms, airplanes, or pottery for them to exist. By default, if the technology exists today IRL, it will exist with similar frequency in Atlanticana. Furthermore, if it is at an advanced prototype stage or is otherwise realistic by 2042 IRL, it may be used. Notwithstanding, there might be good reasons for which your nation does not hold a technology. Consistency with your nation's profile and logical roleplaying supersede any assumption.

🌸 Advanced technology must be developed. If technology that is not in common use IRL and wouldn't be common and easy to access by 2042, but is reasonably doable with 2042 tech, it may be developed. Development of technology follows no particular point count or formula but must have the Department of Culture's accord. Development is a roleplay project that requires attention, time, resources, occasions of failure, and an overall logical and well-constructed scenario. Unreasonably futuristic or magical technology may not be developed.

🌸 Adapt your technological level to the era of RP. The main RP era is Post-Modern Tech (ca. 2042), but do adjust your technology if you are RP'ing in different technological eras.

🌸 God-modding is forbidden. This includes insisting on ostensibly unrealistic facts and outcomes designed to artificially enhance your nation 's standing compared to others', or otherwise engaging in suspenson-of-disbelief-breaking acts.


As a roleplayer your nation will occupy land on the regional map of Atlanticana. The rules for how such land is acquired, expanded and returned are as follows. In all cases, the General Secretariat reserves final authority to adjudicate map disputes:

🌸 Adjust your claim size to the kind of nation you want to run. Whereas there are no hard cap on nation size, ridiculously immense claims will be denied. Keep in mind that large nations aren't run the same way as smaller ones. More autonomous and confederal states can justify more expansive claims. In all cases, bigger doesn't always mean better.

🌸 As a general rule expansions will not be granted. Do not expect your expansion requests to be honoured, especially if you have not shown much roleplay in the region. Unclaimed land is important for newcomers, and to be granted an expansion you will need to demonstrate you will make better use of it than a potential newcomer - which implies already running an active and high-quality RP. Expansion must have clear reasons, be agreed upon by all affected nations, and be roleplayed over a succession of posts in time, with acceptance of IC consequences for those acts.

🌸 No spreader-states. Claims that feature land in numerous far-away areas will need to be backed with a good explanation to be accepted. It will also generally be forbidden to have significantly-sized colonies, though small plots or special administrative regions can be tolerated if properly elaborated.

🌸 Map placement will be lost with citizenship. If your inactivity leads you to lose Atlanticanan citizenship, you will also lose your map spot unless you inform the General Secretariat ahead of time. If you stay in Atlanticana but do not wish to RP any longer, please inform the General Secretariat too. Citizens who don't participate for an extended period of time may also be removed from the map.

Peremptory Norms

Consent between players is the key to most things - nevertheless some acts will remain proscribed regardless of how much consent is obtained.

🌸 You shall separate In-Character for Out-of-Character sentiments. Your opinions of another player should not affect the way you RP, nor should RP spill over into personal relations. In this vein, using the information you know OOC but couldn't know IC in an In-Character action (a practice known as meta-gaming) is forbidden.

🌸 Nuclear weaponry shall not be used. Your nation may have (or claim to have) nukes or other weapons of mass destruction, but they may not be used. Militarising space shall be impossible, and technologies such as orbital bombing proscribed. By extension, the use of world-destroying technology or other weaponry that would effectively destroy the world is forbidden.

🌸 Roleplay shall be compliant with NS and Atlanticanan rules. As a general matter do not expect to get away with anything you wouldn't be allowed to do or say OOC on the grounds that it is In-Character roleplay - rulebreaking content will be reported to moderation. Even where consent is granted, you shall not roleplay genocide, mass ethnic slavery, or rape.

🌸 These rules may be enforced. Warnings, penalties, temporary and permanent suspensions from map placement and roleplay participation may be handed down, and rulebreakers will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

🌸 The General Secretariat may amend and expand these rules after duly notifying existing roleplayers of the changes.


The World

Welcome to the world - a roleplay map of Atlanticana! With around 150 million square kilometers of land, Atlanticana offers a myriad of settings allowing for great diversity in nation types, cultures, geographies, and climates culminating in the principle of leaving as much as possible to the creativity of our roleplayers. As such, insofar as they do not affect other roleplayers, some changes to your internal geography are perfectly allowed. Just keep realism in mind - a slightly warmer or cooler climate or different heights are one thing - a tropical paradise right next to the poles or a godmodded geography designed to make your nation infallible won't be permitted.

Unless otherwise specified, most aspects of the world are similar to the RL World we know - sizes and distances are roughly similar, the climate is similarly distributed (see climate map), the sun rises to the east and falls to the west, and every other basic feature of our world is mostly unchanged.

For questions, requests, or close-up maps of your nation or one part of the world, do not hesitate to contact our friendly cartographers. The current cartographer is San Pera.

Political Map

The political map shows the placement of every state in Atlanticana. Zones in white are unclaimed and may be claimed by new applicants. This map is ideal for knowing which areas can be claimed and where every nation is in relation to each other.




Undetermined (NPC)

Nekoshima (Londoniopol)

Kyomakra (Lefonal)

Fishlandia (Chito and Yuuri)

Teien isles (San Pera)

The dia karketerg

Breten pendragon

Hamstah republic


Climate Map

The climate map shows the Köppen Climate classifications of landmasses around the world. This map is ideal to understand what weather types, vegetation, and landscapes you can expect to find in each corner of the world.






Humid Subtropical





Humid Continental


Polar/High Alpine

Height Map

The heightmap shows the elevation of the terrain and the presence of mountain ranges, volcanic reefs, and other relief features on the continents that form Atlanticana. This map is ideal for knowing the average elevation and the location of the most notorious mountain ranges. Note that this map is merely indicative and that roleplayers can modify their internal geography in a way that makes this map incomplete.



To join our roleplay, fill in one of the short application form below and telegram or DM it to San Pera. The form requires the minimum information for us to have a basic idea of your nation and allow you to begin roleplaying. Upon acceptance you will receive information about your chosen land claim and will be placed on the Political Map. Feel free to design and publish factbooks, but please wait for acceptance before engaging in collaborative writing. Do not hesitate to direct any questions about the application to San Pera, or on the #roleplay channel on Discord- sometimes a second (or more!) pair of eyes and someone with whom to discuss your RP ideas can do wonders!

Note that fields on top of the application and lettered are mandatory. Fields with numbers, in the second half, are not: we are fine with you not filling them in, though you should feel free to if it is convenient. You will find them after the mandatory fields.

Apply by TG

Apply by Discord

[b][u]Atlanticana Roleplay Application[/b][/u]
[*][b]Nation name:[/b]
[*][b]Desired map location:[/b]
[*][b]Capital City:[/b]
[*][b]RP (not NS) Population:[/b]
[*][b]Capital Location in Country:[/b]
[*][b]Species of your inhabitants[/b]

[*][b]If you wish your RP nation to have a name other than that of the nation with which you hold citizenship, write this name here:[/b]
[*][b]If you wish your RP nation to have a flag other than that of the nation with which you hold citizenship, link here:[/b]
[*][b]Tell us one fun fact about your nation:[/b]
[*][b]Description of your Nation (any aspect you have not previously mentioned that you think is worth mentioning):[/b]
[*][b]Preferred colour on map:[/b]

__**Atlanticana Roleplay Application**__

A. **Nation name:**
B. **Desired map location:**
C. **RP (not NS) Population:**
D: **Capital City:**
E: **Capital Location in Country:**
F: **Species of your inhabitants**

1. **If you wish your RP nation to have a name other than that of the nation with which you hold citizenship, write this name here:**
2. **If you wish your RP nation to have a flag other than that of the nation with which you hold citizenship, link here:**
3. **Tell us one fun fact about your nation:**
4. **Description of your Nation (any aspect you have not previously mentioned that you think is worth mentioning):**
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