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On "Aggressive Foreign Market Policy", Secretary-General's Address to the 11th Federal Congress of Soviets

    From Proletaripedia, the People's Encyclopedia!

    This address to the Pan-Asiatic States Federal Congress of Soviets was made at 18:00 on February 3rd, 2019, in the Hall of 4000 Voices, by Secretary-General Guanyu Abramovich, Jr. All 9 State-Presidents were summoned and present, as well as 3987 of the 4000-man legislature. It was broadcasted throughout the Pan-Asiatic States, and across the world.

First and foremost, the honor is to you — beloved members of this grand hall of the people's democracy, heroes of the people, soviets of the proletariat; it is to all of you that I commend the foundation of the policies to be reported and their varying scales of effectivity. I congratulate the daring, the bold, the opposition, the mediators. The long hours we have paid in service of the people have brought us to where our administration has taken us today. We stand, as Asians, united and strong in our markets; we have grown the seeds lain by our forefathers, we are here to reap their fruits. In part, let this celebration be jovial in the spirit of what we have done and what we still may do.

Yet, indeed, the past few months have been both devastating and grueling. We have, nonetheless, faced many adversaries. The internal stability of the Federation had been threatened time and time again; with Nusantaran industry only barely escaping certain economic doom, with the irredentist movement clashing with the supranationalists, with schisms with the West continuously becoming more and more agitated by fringe politics and those who would call our achievements weak-willed, with strife and debate in how we consciously deliver peace abroad and in the Middle-East. I do not blame any Asian who, for a moment, believed this entire scrappy, resounding structure of bureaucracy to collapse in-on-itself upon the door merely being kicked-in by some seemingly gargantuan crisis.

But, we in fact, have lived, for better or for worse; I stand on this Nara podium still with confidence and pride in my black banner, under the white sun of magnanimity. That is because our foundations stand strong, our foundations which push-out these many typhoons of crises under the premise of prosperity.

Of those who have called our time done, who live to see us fail, we see a common pattern; cynics who critique our achievements as un-socialistic. They pertain to our advancements in the field of competitive trade; competition ushered in by our comrades who sit with us today—comrades as dauntless as Xi Jinping, with his 'One Belt, One Road' initiatives in China; comrades in the Asian Diplomatic Corps, renewing bonds in the North with the Soviet Giant; comrades as relentless in their commitment as you, dear congressmen, and the legislations you have passed so far towards building a more prosperous country.

Let these achievements not only be a verbal of commendation, for as I detail it, let it be a construct of the initiatives I had set earlier in my term to expand the international aggressiveness these Pan-Asiatic States have shown in fighting capitalism through its own game. Of those critiques—we say this is the legacy of the great communist revolutionaries such as Marx and Lenin themselves. This is Socialism with Asian Characteristics, this is Neo-Maoism; this is the new model of the revolutionary war. Should we fall into a closed tyranny of reliance on our autarky alone, we will sever ties to Europe and the Soviets; we will fail the Western working-class, who, when all is said and done, remain working-class, who we should be inspiring by showcasing the power of our industry. Specifically, as it stands, I believe firmly that import-export deficit of the Federation do not fail as a whole because of the competitive quotas put into motion since the beginning of this great alliance, that of which I have been labeled 'conservative' for defending!

And yes, incidents such as that of in Nusantara are bound to occur, but in its totality, the vanguard model has created states that continue to outproduce the rest of the world. It is not ironic, nor a bane of socialism. It is functional socialism, socialism still when fields remain mowed in collective ownership, socialism still when availability of basic needs are free for the people, socialism still when our men and women are guaranteed employment—socialism still when our citizens do not freeze to death because of a deficit in homes, an overloaded bureaucracy, or overpopulation!

As our living heroes have done their part, allow me to do the same. As your Supreme Representative and Diplomat, chief of this Sixth Administration, I declare that a new foreign policy of continuing this modern tradition be put into place, officially. Let it be made public, and known—these are our new aspirations, this is what we are working towards. Let this be a phraseful neither, and I promise that as these talks are commencing, the [Asian Diplomat's] Cadre are working at their prime to build relations of trust in Cuba, Venezuela, and the [Soviet] Union stronger; let it be known that as the United States continues to build walls, we shall build bridges.

We will not abandon our socialist aims, neither the will of the democracy. For the beauty of the revolution in Asia lies insofar as each step we have taken in building our Communist future has aided millions in the process. Let us waste no time blaming which on whom, but learn from each forefathers' shortcoming and create a society better than yesterday. We have not grown the garden yet, comrades, but let us feast on the bounties of our harvest as they stand.