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The Hoooosher Dump

The Hoosher Dump is a collection of Hoosher-related images and videos. Memes, Official Art, Fan Art, Flag Edits, and more can be found here. Give time for some of the images and gifs to load.

But what is a "Hoosher"? A Ha'Hosh, or Hoosh/Hoosher, is my OC pls no steal alien species, best described as drug smoking radiation monsters, they are what would happen if you took a Xenomorph, spaceship, autism, and slight "eldritch" horror and combined them. The Ha'Hosh are sort of a "what if the good guys were bad guys" thing, where they look like horrifying monsters (they are worse in my dreams but i can hug them there so it balances out) but are technically on the good guys side, a trope I like. Now, they do have deeper (depressing) meaning behind them, and they are 100% serious in canon, but gosh diddly darn I sure do love hooshposting.

Left: The original, photobashed by a discord member. Center: Canon updated version. Right: Googly Eye Version. Not canon, but my favorite.

Left: Warrior Ha'Hosh, first officially commissioned art. Right: One of the WIP LinkArt by Venommoe

Official Ha'Hosh Worker art. LinkArt by Venommoe

The 3D Vitarsh model I made for a commission visual, it is holding monke

Official Jano art

Official Staz art, made from a WIP of the official Vitarsh

Height Comparison

Fan Art is anything anyone else has made for me about Hooshers (or my lore in general really), I try to update this every so often, so if you send me something don't be surprised if it takes me a bit. I appreciate (mostly) all art made, and it genuinely makes my day seeing it.

Top: Vitarsh / Mid: Hoosher and Vitarsh head / Bottom: Jano fiendin for some Hooshy Snacks™ (precious boi) by Khoronzon

Hooshy Snacks by discord femboy

Hoosh readin'! Free Ravensburg

Hoosh wit da SSH(s) by Foehn Paramilitary Regions


Click each image or link to take you to the direct link, be aware some of these have sound.
Glitchy Ha'Hosh Avatar
Creepy Shoulder Camera view Jano, Linkclick me for hooshy snack version
Ha'Hosh Bioships, fun fact, these are made from bird and wolf skulls.

You can just smell the profits
Typical day for a coms operator


Hoosh album

Video in UIA discord

One of my newer flags

Staz w/ armed buggies

celebratory hoosh!

take it


hoosh gamin


I try to give everyone the credit they deserve, but sometimes I forgot who made what, or just to credit at all, if you see something you made me that's uncredited, let me know.

I am an ego maniac and love nothing more than talking about my own lore, if you have any questions about the Ha'Hosh, Azavir, or my lore in general, TG me. If I get enough questions I may add an FAQ here because those are kind of cool I like those.

Further, I love hoosh memes, if you make any hoosh art or memes send them to me ASAP I eat that sh!t up and I highly appreciate them, even if you think it sucks, I probably won't. If you need any hoosh PNGs for them, just TG me and I'll get them to you as soon as I can.
Or don't make any hoosh memes, see if i care
(i am using reverse psychology)