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Resignation as Chief Consul of the Republic

Resignation as Chief Consul of the Republic
27 May 2021

Effective 22:00 American-eastern time on May 27th, 2021, I will resign the office of Chief Consul of the Republic. I will continue to serve as a standard member of the Office of the Consulate. At this same time, Terranihil will ascend to the role Chief Consul of the Republic as decided by the broader Consulate.

On March 16th, 2018, I became the first Chief Consul of the region. Early in the Consulateís existence, I recall being asked how long I intended to hold the position. This was naturally an important question, democracy for the lead executive(s) had recently been abolished and I had taken office as the unelected spokesman of the Heads of State.

My response was simple: I would remain Chief Consul so long as I believed I had more to contribute to the post and region that I felt I could best do from that position, as in, I would hold the position as long as I felt it most productive for me to do so. I no longer believe this is the case.

As Chief Consul, I led us through the establishment of new systems of government, through conflicts with Nagarno, the skirmishes with the FCN, and much more. Over the last few months, I have worked tirelessly to improve the regionís standing in the global eye, to build a respected defender military, and more.

I believe the region presently exists in a place of comfort and stability where I can hand the reins of the Consulate to someone else and allow them to be the face and spokesman of the highest institution in the land and of the region itself. Additionally, I have undertaken responsibilities elsewhere that necessitate my more regular and direct attention, such as my employment in the South Pacific and my recent promotion to Update Command in Libcord. I believe there remains strong potential in the region, but I do not believe I am the necessary or best-suited person to bring it about at this time.

The region is an ideal position where it can choose its priorities moving forward. My focus within The League as it stands right now is ensuring the vigor and adequate function of The Leagueís Defense Forces under General New Makasta, who I hope will prove himself a formidable officer capable of running the military by himself and with his appointed officers in the near future. Additionally, Zionís renewed leadership and initiative spell good things for the region as well.

This region will always be quite important to me, has been my home on this site for so long, which is why I feel it is best for the region that I resign this position. My intention was never to rule forever, and it is at this time, in particular, I feel most confident and safe in passing the torch of this position. I will remain present and active, though I feel this is the right decision and it is being made at the right time. I believe Terranihil to be a capable choice for the role, and he will publish his own statement tomorrow evening when he takes the position officially.

If you have any questions, concerns, or otherwise, you may best convey those using the regional message board, capitol channel on Discord, or you may contact me privately.

    - Quebecshire