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"Repeal 'Condemn the Pacific'" Vote Recommendation: AGAINST

Current Proposal
"Repeal 'Condemn the Pacific'"
The Security Council:

Recalling that the New Pacific Order -- the ruling regime of the Pacific -- has a long history of committing flagrant acts of aggression, many of which were articulated by SC#268 and a preceding resolution which has been repealed, SC#177;

Maintaining, however, that the inaccuracies of SC#268 weaken the argument in favor of condemnation to such a degree that the Pacific cannot be considered worthy of condemnation based on the arguments set forth by SC#268, warranting repeal;

Noting that while Feux and A mean old man did infiltrate Lazarus and Osiris through puppet nations, these nations were not "notable members of the New Pacific Order" at the time of said infiltrations, nor were they members of the NPO at all during that time period;

Dismissing claims that these infiltrations constituted intelligence operations conducted by the NPO, due to a lack of evidence to demonstrate the NPO knew of these infiltrations while they were ongoing;

Acknowledging that Aleisyr and Pergamon, at the time the nations chiefly responsible for governing the Pacific, later became aware of these infiltrations but allowed these nations membership and advancement in the NPO, without informing either Lazarus or Osiris of the infiltrations, but that their reprehensible silence and inaction do not prove the aforementioned claims;

Celebrating that Aleisyr, Pergamon, and other nations responsible for the NPO's duplicitous machinations resigned or were removed from power, in some cases departing the Pacific altogether, and that they were replaced with a new generation of leadership that does not appear to share past aims of strife and conquest;

Observing that Topid, the nation that authored SC#268, has released a communique through a puppet nation expressing its government's belief that the Pacific has made progress toward reform, enough so that Topid has made peace with the NPO;

Recognizing that there is a growing consensus among major global powers that apparent reform efforts undertaken by the NPO are progressing sufficiently to warrant reopening diplomatic relations with the Pacific;

Reflecting that this renewed openness by prominent regions to normalization of relations with the NPO indicates a rising optimism that the Pacific can rejoin the community of regions in good faith, without further condemnation by this body;

Respecting that the nations and regions of the world may yet have varying opinions on the veracity of the NPO's alleged reform efforts, but fervently hoping that such efforts will prove sufficient to avoid any need for this body to condemn the Pacific a third time;

Hereby Repeals SC#268: Condemn The Pacific.

Co-authored by Fauxia

Vote Recommendation: AGAINST.

  • The Defense Office realizes the history of issues with the NPO that led to the Condemnation.

  • Any political progress made by the NPO does not excuse their past actions.

  • The Treaty of the Anti-Pacific Coalition with Lazarus is still seen as valid.

  • It is recommended to vote AGAINST the Repeal until the NPO is no longer in power or heavily influencing the Pacific.

The Increasingly Green Nation of TESDAI
Defense Officer, Central Strategic Committee

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