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Untecna | Infiniti Program

Crafts: Determination, Starreacher, Harvester, Firestorm, Energy, New Hope

Crafts are launched on the Starlight booster. Upgrades will be made for the craft to have lightspeed capability.

Mission designations are IN-(Insert previous number+1)

IN-1 "Feet off the Ground": Flown on Starreacher craft, Crew: Gerald Ross, Jordi Cassini, Mission: Deploy satellite into orbit, Successful
IN-2 "Leap of Faith": Flown on Energy craft, Crew: Sarah Goyar, Hakido Jyodo, Italo Bernson, Mission: Deploy core and storage module for new space station into orbit, Successful
IN-3 "Going with the Flow": Flown on Harvester craft, Crew: Gerald Ross, Donald Hedui, Ethel Maxson, Lucy Cadtare, Mission: Dock a habitat module onto the space station, set up station, Successful
IN-4 "Sharing is Caring": Flown on Determination craft, taken into space by Saturn V rocket, Crew: from Untecna: Italo Bernson, Lucy Cadtare, Will Geronta, Lio Nazuria; from Joeania: Edward Baldwin, Gordon Stevens, Samuel Stevenson
IN-5 "Into A Rhythm": Flown on Firestorm craft, Crew: From Untecna: Hakido Jyodo, Jordi Cassini; From The Joeanian Republic: Sara Connor, Joe Sacharewicz; From North American Imperial State: Kane Bain, Kaitlin Bain; Mission: Go to IO

IN-6 "Greetings, Starman": Flown on New Hope craft, Crew: Jason Veridean, Bella Ersichai, Anton Palio, Vincent Baxter; Mission: DoD Sats around Artemis

IN-7 "Burn, Baby, Burn": Flown on Energy Craft, Crew: Icarus Caiss, Hakido Jyodo, Italo Bernson, Vincent Baxter, Charles "Chuck" Lodi; Mission: New service and habitation modules for space station

IN-8 "Life on Mars in Space": Flown on Determination, Crew: Joyce Xandros, Frederick "Fred" Nackar, Vincent Baxter; Mission: Bring Antimatter Reactor to ISS, set it up

IN-9 "Building a Better Future": Flown on New Hope, Crew: Zackary Hillbarda, Ayundae Vesichi, Kola Theters, Jordi Cassini; Mission: Deploy Pax Module onto ISS

IN-10 "Gates to Stars": Flown on Starreacher, Crew: Sarah Goyar, Lio Nazuria; Mission: Deploy solar panels at the ISS

IN-11 "Back for Seconds": Flown on Firestorm, Crew: Frederick "Fred" Nackar, Maj. Fiola Astor, Lucy Cadtare; Mission: Deploy Harmonia module on ISS

IN-12 "We're Back": Flown on Harvester, Crew: Will Geronta, Ethel Maxson, Donald Hedui, Lucy Cadtare; Mission: Deploy Liberalitas module on ISS

IN-13 "Lucky Number": Flown on Starreacher, Crew: Hakido Jyodo, Donald Hedui, Maj. Fiola Astor; Mission: First Untecnan Crew on ISS

IN-14 "Mingling with the Stars": Crew: Lucy Cadtare, Cassandra Ionia, Owen Varen; Mission: Deploy "Snapshot" space telescope