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The Raid of Genua: Participating Militaries

On The Raid:

On the Major Update of May 15, 2021, the newly founderless Nazi region Genua was raided. Earlier that day, the Moderators had puppetswept the founder of the region and left it vulnerable to invasion. They also destroyed several other major bastions of Nazism. Genua, which had managed to land on the radar of more Gameplay regions than the average Nazi region through their tendency to gloat about using major regions as jump points for random, occasional one-operation update tag raids, quickly became a uniting force for twenty-four militaries, many of whom would never work together under normal circumstances. The point nation for the operation, Mallorea and riva, had 121 endorsements at the peak and 115 WA nations including the point made the jump to Genua, shattering the previous updater record in moderns time by nearly 20 endorsements.

May Genua as a trophy stand testament to the unity of NationStates against the plague of Nazism and fascism. All major regions will unite under the banner of anti-fascism, regardless of ideology, politics, or personal feelings.


Aurrelian Legions
Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army
Europeian Republican Navy
Joint Systems Alliance (Mallorea and Riva)
Kingdom of Great Britain
Korean People’s Armed Forces
League's Defense Forces
Legio Pacifica
Lone Wolves United
North Pacific Army
South Pacific Special Forces
Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization
Thaempirial Army
The Autumnal Court
The Black Hawks
The Free Nations Region
The Land of Kings and Emperors
The MT Army
The Order of the Grey Wardens
The Red Fleet
The West Pacific Armed Forces
United Kingdom
Wintercrest Revolutionary Army
Credit is also given to others operating as mercenaries.

The Prinzessin der Ozelote of Xoriet