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100 days have gone by! As I was telling my cabinet members before I wrote this speech; ď But personally thank you all for our first 100 days together. We didnít accomplish everything Iíd say we would, but we also accomplished things that I didnít think we would accomplish 😜!Ē With 100 days down! Letís list what this administration has accomplished so far![list=A]
[*]Stability in our government! For a good part of 2020, and 2021, we had several Mayors come and go. This caused a constant change in policy, cabinet members, and a path not clear! Weíve fixed this thankfully, and we will continue to keep that stability!
[*]Judicial Reform! Yeah this was a piece that received mixed reviews. I believe it was critical because of the history, and protecting the town judge was important! The justice department went on to establish the office of attorney general, and even now issuing Judicial decree that has my full backing. The Judicial branch maybe not handling cases, but we will continue to be prepared for it!