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[WIP] Ways To Get Involved in Europeia




  • Chat on our Regional Message Board, which you can find on our regional page: Often times we hold lively discussions or small cultural games on our RMB, and you can always chat there to get involved! Don't worry, we only bite a little bit.

  • Join the World Assembly! Joining the World Assembly (WA) is a great way to get involved with international politics as resolutions passed by the WA affect all WA member nations across Nation States. Check out these Frequently Asked WA Questions for more information on why you should join the WA - and more! Joining the WA also means that you can help us break the WA Delegate endorsement record.

  • Vote on Regional Polls! Europeia enjoys its polls! Voting puts the decision in your hands, and, as they say, every vote matters, even yours. If you happen to change your mind about what you vote about during the duration of the poll, do not fret, you are able to change your vote until voting ends!

  • Join the Upvote Squad! The Upvote Squad consists of a multitude of nations who make it their duty to upvote our region?s dispatches to ensure they're out in the public eye more! The more people we have in this squad, the more upvotes we get- which ensures our dispatches are always at the top of the list! If you want to join the Upvote Squad, join our discord and we would be happy to assist you in setting up notifications for new regional dispatches. New dispatches are posted to the Regional Message Board (RMB), but you can check your telegrams for updates as well.


  • Mixlr is a streaming site which Europeia uses to host all sorts of radio shows, talk shows, news discussions, and interviews with foreign and domestic figures. If you're wondering just what everyone in Europeia sounds like, or if you're interested in listening to some examples of what we do with Mixlr, check out our showreel. For more information on upcoming Mixlr events, please contact the President of Europeia (you can find that in the WFE on our (Regional Page) or be aware of any RMB messages announcing upcoming events.


  • In addition to all of this, we run Weekend Games (, Among Us, Board-Game Online, Secret Hitler, and more)! For questions about the schedule for these games, please contact the President of Europeia! If you do not know who the current President, check the World Factbook Entry (WFE) on our regional page.