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The Republic of Mirum

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Table of Contents

1. Culture
2. People
3. Media and News
4. Tourism Guide







The Mirian Culture, as a melting pot of different cultures of its peoples, varies greatly, however, there are some things that remain similar through the 'common' sections of the Mirian Culture. Mirians are known for their individuality, good work ethic, loyalty to one and another, and competitiveness. Baseball, in Mirum, is the national sport and has a professional league as well as college leagues. Literature is usually quite appreciated, the most popular genres being Sci-Fi and Romance with the younger generation and Classical Works with the older. Food in Mirum usually includes wheat/grain, tree-grown-fruit, and fish or some hunted food. Tea, HoneyNectar, and coffee are the three most popular drinks in Mirum, with the fourth being water. The film industry in Mirum is not really popular, while television shows and radio stations seem to attract more views. Popular music includes Smooth Jazz, Classic Rock, and Classical Music.

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The people of Mirum include several different humanoid races: Humans*, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, and Gnomes. Each has its own culture, but usually also adopts the Mirian Culture as well. Each of the races have their own physical characteristics and different ethnicities.

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*Includes all Half-Human races, such as Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Half-Dwarves, and Half-Gnomes.

Media and News

Mirum Daily Mail Main Website

Tourism Guide

Official Tourism Guide- 2020-2025

The Republic of Mirum