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[WIP] Europeia Master Dispatch




Hello, and welcome to the Europeian Master Dispatch! Here you will find useful information about our humble region.

Europeia, formally The Republic of Europeia, was founded on March 6th, 2007 by King HEM. While the region was originally governed by a monarchy, it soon came under the governance of the republic, and has remained as such in the intervening years. The region is divided into three government branches; the Executive (the President, Vice President and Cabinet), the Legislature (the Senate) and the Judiciary (the High Court). Europeia also contains an autonomous city state called Arnhelm, which for the most part, governs itself and is not part of the Europeian government. All of the main positions in these groups are elected by the people, of the people, and for the people.


World Assembly Delegate
Primorye Oblast

Gameside Coordinator
Le Libertia

Grand Admiral

Minister of Communications

Minister of Culture

Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Nation of the People of the Nation

Minister of Interior
Grandfather Clock

Minister of Justice
Malashaan Colony

Minister of Radio

Minister of World Assembly Affairs
Pland Adanna

The Executive is headed by the President who holds ultimate authority, while the Vice President is assigned a specific portfolio to manage. Both the President and Vice President run on the same ticket and are elected together by the citizenry every 70 days. The Cabinet is composed of Ministers who are chosen by President, and must then be approved by the Senate. The Ministers are head of their own departments in the region, such as Culture, Communications, Foreign Affairs and World Assembly Affairs. The President has broad authority to structure their Cabinet as they see fit, so while the role played by the Executive remains consistent, the particular names and roles of the Ministries can change from leader to leader.

For a more detailed description of the general activities of the Executive, please read the LinkGuide to the Executive.


Speaker of the Senate


King HEM

The Senate is the legislative body in the region, and can be made up of anywhere from a minimum of 5 Senators to a maximum of 10 Senators. Senators are elected by the public every 90 days in a general election. The Senate is ultimately responsible for all legislation that becomes law in Europeia.

For a more detailed description of the general activities of the Legislature, please read the LinkGuide to the Legislature.


Chief Justice

First Chair
Primorye Oblast

Second Chair

Fourth Chair
West Wirral

The Judicial Branch of the region comprises of the Chief Justice, three Associate Justices and the Attorney General. When a law is broken, either the Attorney General or any concerned citizen may bring charges against the offender(s) and a trial may begin at the discretion of the Chief Justice. Every now and then, if laws come in conflict with each other, citizens may also request for interpretations of the law from the Justices.

For a more detailed description of the general activities of the Judiciary, please read the LinkGuide to the Courts.