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Data-Driven Effortposts

a few people have mentioned that my effortposts are insightful, so i figured i'd aggregate them all here if you wanted to read them later on
or don't
your choice
(in chronological order, i think)

[url=]Efficacy of Police[/url]

[url=]Race and Police[/url]

[url=]A Partial Explanation of the Trump Vote[/url]

[url=]Prevalence of Racial Animus (Race in America, Pt 1)[/url]

[url=]Combatting Racism (Race in America, Pt. 2)[/url]

[url=]Functioning of the Right-Wing Disinformation Machine[/url]

[url=]Police "Reform"[/url]

[url=]The Role of Demographic Power in American Politics (Race in America, Pt. 3)[/url] (Probably my best and most important piece)

[url=]The State of American Democracy  (Democracy in America, Pt. 1)[/url]

[url=]An Organized Machine Against the Vote (Democracy in America, Pt. 2)[/url]

[url=]Critical Race Theory as Satanic Panic (Race in America, Pt. 4)[/url]

[url=]The Radicalization of the Republican Party[/url] (Democracy in America, Pt. 3)

[url=]SCOTUS Shenanigans[/url]

The Algorithm of Kowani