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King Discharged from Hospital to Rehab

King Discharged from Hospital to Rehab
Saturday, 24 April 2021

By Birgit Schlosser; Translated from Fardelshufflesteinian

After almost exactly 8 months in the hospital, HRM King Alastair IV is being discharged from Western Fardelshufflestein National to a rehabilitation center adjacent to the hospital complex. The announcement was made early this morning.

The King's medical team revealed he has made enough progress to finally leave the hospital, although he still needs constant care. He's unable to complete most occupational tasks on his own or walk unassisted, and, while his mental state has been improving, he still suffers from depression.

His family and his doctors believe he is ready to move on to the next step of his recovery and focus on dealing with his addiction. Though he has not touched alcohol in months, he still suffers from physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal and will occasionally have intense cravings. However, his renal system is stable, and he has been progressing well in recovering from his brain injury.

Decades of alcohol abuse have left him a broken man; he seems a vague shadow of his old self, as though addiction has stripped him of who he is. To his family, he sometimes seems an entirely different person.

"He's finally going to get the help he needs," testifies a relieved Prince Wilhelm. "He's been struggling with this for so long. We all want him to get better and know he is not alone." HRH also described the extent of the therapy his brother will be receiving, which includes one-on-one sessions with an addiction specialist and support group meetings multiple times a week.

It is not like the old Alastair is completely gone, though. He still loves spending time with his children, cuddling Marie, teasing Wilhelm--the way he shows his affection has simply changed. His speech and linguistic capabilities are diminished, and 'tis very likely he will have cognitive difficulties. But he's very eager to try and be there for the people he loves.

As for how long he will be in rehab, "It really is up to him," explains HRM Queen Marie. "He'll be moving at his own pace. He still has to regain physical strength and has a lot of healing to do. But the last thing we want is to rush him or make him feel pressured."

What is most important now for the King is making sure he continues to have a support system of people who love and care for him. After all he has endured, the worst thing would be for him to ever feel abandoned or unloved. He knows he has hurt his family, but he truly does want them to forgive him. He tries very hard to make up for pain he has caused, and he is frequently so ashamed of himself that he is unwilling to look anyone in the eyes.

"We all have faith in Alastair. All of us love him and have never stopped loving him, even when he was going down such a destructive path. And mayhap we were partially responsible for not stopping him sooner, not getting him help when he so badly needed it," the Queen admits. "But we are trying to move on from the past and focus on right now. 'Tis really difficult, and it sometimes feels impossible, but we know we cannot dwell on our mistakes. Allie is still here with us. He is working hard to heal. He is fighting."

The path to recovery, for him, has been very grueling and will continue to be so. It will be long, and it will not be full. He's going to continue to grapple with his personal demons.

But he is not alone. His family is with him every step of the way, cheering him on and giving him hope. His doctors are doing everything they can to make him better. To quote the Queen one final time, "I am just so proud of him and all he has accomplished. He's been doing so beautifully. He is such an amazing man and a beautiful soul, and I am beyond grateful to him and to the doctors that he continues to be a part of my life."