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GPA | 4-19-21



Jyau Clinches Win Over Alecburgh, Will Face Kossmil in Quarter-Finals
Head Coach Jaspersa Thrilled For Prospect of Great World Cup Ending

Jyau has advanced to the quarter-finals in the Sulifa World Cup after defeating Alecburgh in a thrilling game, claiming the Group C title. Now they are off to face Kossmil in a battle over the Quarter-finals.

Captain Mikey Fae and striker Larious Nsabsa put two goals on the board quickly, but Alecburgh countered and scored two of their own in a similar repeat to Jyau's game with Caspiaa. Tied into the end, the game went down to penalty kicks, with Jyau missing twice before Alecburgh put one up. With everything on the line, Jyau managed to tie once more, and a second goal moments later solidified their win.

"Once again we've triumphed," cried William Jaspersa, head coach. "Alecburgh fought hard and they've gained our respect. We're off to another win, let's take the title of the best team in North-central Adula."

Jyaueze fans are thrilled about the victory, as it has been 21 years since the last World Cup championship win. Jyau is hoping for their third tournament win, although their chances will get progressively more difficult as they advance. If they are able to beat Alecburgh, they will face either Kossmil or Vuswistan, both teams of whom have outscored Jyau extensively at this point.