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The Bible Of The M E L O N

In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, there was M E L O N. M E L O N was the creator. M E L O N decided to create the universe. M E L O N knew this was good. M E L O N then created us. He knew this was good. He then decided to call us ¨Melonians¨. In return of our creation, he asked us to worship him, for it would give him strength. M E L O N saw that this was good.

M E L O N made a promise to protect us as long as we continue to worship him. Since then, our nation has greatly prospered.

The consuming of melons is banned and is punishable by prison or death. Melon wrote a sacred text when he first created us and it is as follows: Hello my melonians. I created you so i could watch a beautiful civilization grow, and i could gain power from their worship. The only rule i have is to worship me once a year by growing melons and dropping them into the ocean.

Melons or any other vegetable in the melon family may not be imported into the nation. Any attempt to do so is punishable by prison time or death. any melons that aren't grown here are deemed ´impure´ and cannot be used for worship.